All I have to do is show up?

July 3, 2009

Blog Guy, how can I get Reuters to take my picture? I imagine I’d have to do something VERY newsworthy.

Not really. All you have to do is put on silly outfits and go from city to city like that butthead British actor whose name I’m not going to mention. We’ll take your picture everywhere you go and put out 46 pictures in two weeks, and it probably isn’t over yet.

I had no idea it was that easy! Hey, I recognize that guy – doesn’t he have a new movie out?

I wouldn’t know about that.

So wait a minute. You’re saying every time he goes to a new place, to promote the very same thing over and over, you cover it like news? But surely at some point some editor says, “Sorry, we’ve already shot that dude in London and Madrid and Berlin and Amsterdam, and that’s enough.”

You don’t get around much, do you, slick?

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Above: British actor Sacha Baron Cohen (C), dressed as a bull, poses during the Spanish premiere of his new movie, outside Madrid’s Las Ventas bull ring, June 18, 2009. REUTERS/Juan Medina

Right: REUTERS photos of Cohen in assorted other places.

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Sorry, Sacha, not only is Merrill Lynch NOT casting…

Posted by Shawn Hendricks | Report as abusive

Nor is there a movie being done in the spirit of the ‘Married with Children’ television show, Shawn.

Though he does sort of resemble Peggie in his darling leopard spotted get up!

All right, who am I kidding? She WAS the queen of Trashy suburb leoparddom.

Posted by tim | Report as abusive

I hear he’s going to be on the mall for the fireworks. Not sure of the pseudonym/character though.

Posted by Shawn Hendricks | Report as abusive

I was rather confussed, initially, having never seen the Brüno manifestation. The Borat and Ali-G manifestations as well as his un-bleached, mistachioed, normal self being that to which I am accustomed.

My suspicion is that this latest low-budget flick will probably do as well as his previous offerings.

Posted by gwmc | Report as abusive