Should they be laughing at me?

July 6, 2009

Oh crap, what have I done?

I’m pretty sure this is about the time that bull is supposed to be dead.I KNOW I shouldn’t be riding upside-down on his back, hanging onto these pointy things while idiots laugh at me from the stands.

I should’ve listened to my guidance counselor who wanted me to go into TV repair. But I said, “No, I REALLY want to wear pink socks!”

I thought guys were supposed to rush out to help me! Those “machine gunadors” are supposed to save me! And where are the flame-throweradors? Is that just a joke they play on new matadors?”

Why didn’t I just call in sick and go out for sangria with that cute senorita who sells flan?

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Spanish bullfighter Jose Tomas is tossed by a bull during a bullfight in Barcelona, July 5, 2009. REUTERS/ Carlos Cazalis

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Wonderful art that one of José Tomás. THere are those who love his hieratic ways so grave ones and those who say that he is just there stand still, doing not bullfighting. I am of those of the first group. What about you, Mr Basler?Kind regards!Armstrongfl

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Evidently, things didn’t go according to the plan.

Posted by Abram | Report as abusive

Two things heard from Jose during the bullfight:”Ewph! I’m going to be `hurting` in the morning.”and”Ouch! that’s gonna leave a mark!”

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