Don’t leave me in the lurch!

July 20, 2009

Blog Guy, you know stuff going on around the world. I’m a zombie – where can a guy like me kick back and have some fun with other zombies?

Oooooh, sorry, bad timing. You just missed the zombie parade in Frankfurt. You could have met hundreds of German zombies, if that sounds like fun to you.

I missed that? Damn! That’s the story of my life. Or the story of my undeath, I should say.

Well, don’t feel too bad about it. I just reread our actual captions on these photos, and we went out of our way to say these were people “made up to look like zombies.”

If we didn’t make that clear, many readers would think these were REAL brain-sucking zombies lurching through the downtown area of a major European city, a news event which of course we would blow off with just a few photos and no story.

Zombie slideshow

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A woman made up to look like zombie takes part in zombie parade in Frankfurt July 18, 2009.

People made up to look like zombies take part in zombie parade.

REUTERS photos by Johannes Eisele

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Since you have lots of great photos, wouldn’t you have some of Angela Merkel in this parade? I’m not sure she’d require tonnes of make-up, but… always interesting, I’d say.

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Did the Phillipino prisoners get to go?

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As if the economy wasn’t bad enough, scores of undead workers have now flooded the job market and have been applying for disability benefits….

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