I want more angst, Babu! Action!

July 22, 2009

Blog Guy, I just got back from a trip to Europe and I have to complain about the border security guys who examined our luggage. What idiots! I mean, a baboon could do a better job!

It’s funny you should mention that. Over in England, they’re training baboons to do that very task.

No way!

Way. Check out this video clip. As you can see, a crack team of baboons is able to search and clear a whole car in just 38 seconds.

That’s a pretty funny clip, but knowing you there must be some other angle. Something really stupid, right?

Busted. Yes, it cracks me up that we’re told this clip is a “staged recreation of recent events.”

Think about it. “Hello, Ms. recent film school graduate. Your job is to load a car and then get a bunch of baboons to rip it apart. Here’s your script. You’ve got two weeks, and I want it to look real!”

I’ll tell you, I’d pay good money to see the out-takes…


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This is the most ridiculous video I’ve seen in a while..none the less HILARIOUS!!!!!! I can’t believe this is a simulation of something that actually happened to someone. This is exactly the kind of story I needed to brighten up a boring work day. Anyone else who loves these outrageous clips/stories should check out Unfiltered. It’s a radio show on Chataboutit.com and it is filled to the brim with stuff to make your week more interesting. Wednesdays at 9PM!

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Or, you could just take the approach that my blog is all you need to entertain you in life and nurture you spiritually, emotionally and physically. You should at least try that.

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*sniff* to think that through my long and fruitless search for meaning, you were right here the whole time…

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