Palin leaves office with relish?

July 27, 2009

What’s wrong, Blog Guy? I don’t understand!

Huh? You don’t understand what?

I’ve been seeing pictures of former governor Sarah Palin yesterday serving hot dogs as she left the governor’s job.  Isn’t that a natural for you? Why aren’t you all over it?

Oh, that. It’s just too obvious. Too easy. What would I even say?

Come on, straighten up, Mister! You’d say like, Sarah Palin’s wurst job? Or look at the buns on that governor? Or losers and wieners? Or I know, Sarah the Redhot Mama?

Those are awful. I wouldn’t stoop that low, to be frank.

Frank? I get it! I knew I’d see a smile on that face. Now slap a goofy headline on this sucker, and you’re done for the day. It’s like putting lipstick on a pig!

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Alaska Governor Sarah Palin serves hot dogs to well-wishers at the annual Governor’s Picnic in Fairbanks, Alaska, July 26, 2009. Former Republican U.S. Vice-presidential candidate Palin stepped down as Alaska governor on Sunday. REUTERS/ Nathaniel Wilder

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Libs make fun of Sarah because they are scared. Soon the fake President BO will be revealed to be an imposter – NO BIRTH CERTIFICATE, NO PRESIDENT. We need one of our own kind in the whitehouse. Go Sarah Palin!

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive

Dear Tom: You’re insane.

Posted by Suzy | Report as abusive

If she had been in Detroit she could have been serving the relish on Chihuahua-cicles.. We have freezers full.

Posted by detroit johnnie | Report as abusive

“One of our own kind”, Tom? I’m assuming you mean someone who is Caucasian. Keep hoping about the birth certificate thing. Do you even know where the original copy of your birth certificate is? Most people, believe it or not, do not have their originals!

Posted by Royal | Report as abusive

Dear Tom: That issue was already brought before the Supreme Court, and the justices threw it out. Ain’t gonna happen. Last I checked we DO have one of our own kind in the whitehouse. Discriminating by nationality is not much different than race, gender, or other ways humans like to divide themselves.

And we make fun of Palin because she is the easiest mark politics has seen in decades… and after Bush, that is saying something.

Posted by YeaRight | Report as abusive

Now that you mention it, I don’t remember seeing birth certificates from EITHER Bush, come to think of it….

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive

I am a white woman & Sarah Palin is NOT my kind. I voted for & support our president Barack Obama. It has been a very l-o-n-g time since we had such a sincere, hard-working president. But hey – isn’t this a great country where everyone can have their say!

Posted by jewel | Report as abusive

Tom, exactly what IS your kind? I’m going to assume it involves conspiracy theories, white supremacy, and resigning in the face of well-deserved political backlash. Last I checked, those might be the kinds of things which we -don’t- want in a president.

If you ask me, that is a rather narrowly tailored definition of “American” that excludes the nearly all of the population – in other words, nearly all American citizens. Funny how that works out.

If you still are convinced that no birth certificate exists for Obama, then you might want to do a little something called “researching the facts.” Believe it or not, researching the facts is good for you, whether you’re conservative or liberal!

Posted by Echochamber | Report as abusive

The Palin resignation ceremony itself was dignified yet highly emotional.

See:  /07/26/sarah-palin-abdicates-hands-over -regalia/

Posted by Mike Licht | Report as abusive

hey tom,

are you saying he’s an illegal alien? or did he take the citizens test? if he didn’t take the test, and as you claim he wasn’t born here, that in fact makes him an illegal alien, right?

so, you’re saying that POTUS is really an illegal alien.

man, thats funnier than this blog all together.

Posted by chris | Report as abusive

One day we will read about people like you in a history book and have an uncomfortable laugh about “Jeez! Remember when people like this existed… How sad we were that prejudiced and stupid…”
At least then we will be able to look back and laugh, as of now those of us with some modicum of intelligence must simply be mortified that in the 21st century we still face morons such as yourself! The world is older then 5000 years! God and Jesus are a hoax! Dinosaurs are not the creation of scientist but victims of evolution… AND YOU SHOULD BE REQUIRED TO TAKE AN I.Q. TEST TO RUN FOR OFFICE!!! A society that continues to harbor idiocy is sure to fail…
So to be as impolite and confrontational as possible… I formally state “Your lack of worth is insulting to human kind, bugger off!!!”

Posted by Tilden Thorne | Report as abusive

As to Sarah P…Hot diggety dog!

As to all of the people saying that you are a conspiracy nut?

I guess that they haven’t been watching you paint, with very even strokes, everyone on this planet…with a pretty wide brush, might I add?

Now, if only you would leave that poor Barack Dude alone, why then you would be accepted by the people in the same crowd of people that only lets you pick on one side of any issue.

But hey. Isn’t that the way it always is?

People gripe about the Drudge Report. They whine that Fox news is THE choice by such a large margin.

And they talk about being the people for love and all of that hog wash?

Keep on keeping on, Robert!

If they can’t laugh, then they have the choice of not reading your blogs. Or reading the Drudge Report.

Or even…they don’t have to watch the Fox news!

However, I know that they are all closet purveyors of Truth, Justice, and the American Way!

No matter how much they say that they aren’t.

What a bunch of one sided morons.

If their way isn’t the only thing in print or on the news or on the internet, of course they go ballistic.

What was I thinking? Of course the freedom of speech is only used when they want to hug some wierdo artists and such like. It doesn’t apply to people like you, you know.

Come on, swing at me while you are at it, you haters of a very funny set of blogs!

BTW? I was out there in the service, ready to die for your constitutional rights for 20 years. I am pretty sure that you hate people like me, just like you all did back in the late 60s and early 70s.

Isn’t that just lovely?

And aren’t you really all grinding your teeth, that after 20 years of service, I also draw a pension from YOUR taxes?

Posted by tim | Report as abusive

“You mean you have never tasted a Hotdog? ”

Really a true comment

Posted by Lorraine | Report as abusive

First, no more references to BHO not being an American citizen, or having not been born in America. Do you know that you neocons are looking like complete idiots?

To the issue of Palin, let her ride off into the sunset and have makeup parties with pigs. We got our chuckle and we rid the republicans from Washington and they are no long able to work on destroying our nation. Ain’t life grand?

Posted by Geoff B. | Report as abusive

The mind of a birther is like the pupil of the eye – the more light you shed on it, the narrower it becomes…

Posted by uhclem | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin no longer in office!? It can mean only one thing – Playboy feature story here she comes…..

Posted by unclean | Report as abusive

I have a feeling that ten years down the road it will be you who are supportin BO that see what a terrible mistake you are all making. WELCOME SOCIALISM!

Posted by ugghh | Report as abusive

Tom …. by the sound of your mentality, it is clear that it is YOU who is NOT one of us! Perhaps you are simply intimidated by the thought of someone who could actually pass the citizen’s test since you would not be able to, you pig headed, arrogant, racist asshole. (And for the record, BO IS an American citizen you jackass) As for everyone else, that is the beauty of this country – our ability to elect into office the person we feel would do the most good for the country and benefit ourselves. After 8 years of minimal change and increasing debt under Bush, we need change within our OWN country first and foremost.

Posted by JustMe | Report as abusive

The libs are not attacking Sarah–The REPUBLICANs are–
“wacko; diva; little shop of horrors” came from the McCain campaign–

The libs are just sitting back laughing!

Posted by Dee | Report as abusive

Tom, Tom, Tom…

Whoever it is you’re referring to when you use the word ‘our’ might not appreciate you using the word ‘our’…

I suggest you stick to singular, 1st person pronouns.

Posted by Bandage | Report as abusive

I do not personally like Palin, but you should realize that politics = popularity contest. It has nothing to do with what they say, but how much people like the way they say it. Candidates often try to push themselves apart by claiming different things in regards to different matters (i.e. candidate A is pro-life and candidate B is pro-choice) but when it really comes down to it, they will only fulfill their own agenda as they see fit. Some of them lie about this agenda, some don’t.

So, as you can see, nearly all politicians are ‘corrupt’ since they are human and have self-interest. I do not believe Obama is AS corrupt (hopefully he is not at all corrupt, but I’ve given up on such pipe dreams) as others that have come before him. I like when people do their jobs, and Obama is doing his – for better or for worse.

I’m just placing bets on whether or not he’ll be grey-haired by 2012.

Posted by Lady Democrat | Report as abusive

And might I add, this article is supposed to be about Palin. Then some right-wing nut decided to make an irrelevant comment to smoke screen the issue.

Palin lost the popular vote because she was not serving her state OR country with the needs of the MAJORITY of the people in mind. She was serving herself and her little group of friends that want Alaska to secede from the union.

Also, notably, I have never heard of her actually doing anything beneficial for the state…

And remember: MAJORITY is the key word. Not YOU or I or HIM or HER. We assume on basic principle that the MAJORITY is correct with its needs/wants over the minority. Right-wing nuts are definitely a minority, they just scream louder.

Posted by Lady Democrat | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin has a a hugh learning curve if she aspires to be the next President. She needs to improve her general knowledge for starters. How she would be able to develop intellectual depth is a very serious question indeed. A superficial individual would never succeed at White House. Only a person with razor-sharp intellect and real empathy should ever aspire for the White House. The country is at a critical juncture where the Commander-in-chief has to be a charismatic leader with facts at the finger-tips!

Posted by Pancha Chandra | Report as abusive

Written like a true liberal with spelling and grammar problems.

Posted by Bruce Meyer | Report as abusive

Since when does one’s ability to articulate proper spelling and grammar a direct correlation to one’s political affiliation? Was that an attempt at a humorous statement? If it was you failed miserably.

“Written like a true liberal with spelling and grammar problems.
– Posted by Bruce Meyer”

Posted by Russ C | Report as abusive

I suppose I better correct my grammatically incorrect statement or be called a big, bad liberal:

Since when IS one’s ability to articulate proper spelling and grammar a direct correlation to one’s political affiliation.

Whew….Glad I avoided THAT one….

Posted by Russ C | Report as abusive

You go, Tom. Obama was born in Kenya and he shouldn’t be in the White house. I’m from Montana, so you can see how I like the way Palin thinks. Montana and Alaska are probably only two of the very few free States we have left.

A Free Man In Montana

Posted by Combat Vet | Report as abusive

OK people…. cool it. An internet debate is like one for disturbed minds – even if you win, you still look like idiots. Besides, nobody is EVER supposed to learn anything here.

Posted by Db8r | Report as abusive

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Posted by Top 10 heads that turned your heads in 2009 | | Report as abusive