Cut faster, Doc, here comes a big wave!

July 28, 2009

Blog Guy, I’ve helped raise contributions for one of those fantastic floating hospitals, the ones that take operating rooms to distant places to help sick people. Why don’t you ever write about those?

Well, I’m sure some of them are wonderful, but some I’ve seen first-hand have been a bit disappointing. Like the one in this photo.

Gosh, that may be the one I supported! I must say, the ship looks much larger in the stuff the charity sends out to solicit funds.

Just trick photography. This so-called “floating hospital” doesn’t even have a gift shop or a rude receptionist. Not even a tiny closet where the nurses and doctors have sex, like on television.

How disappointing. So what diseases does this one mostly treat?

It specializes 100 percent in treating sea sickness.

Hold on. Surely the patients wouldn’t HAVE sea sickness if they weren’t taken out on choppy waters in this little-bitty crappy raft?

You catch on quickly. Take them back to dry land, and they’re fine almost instantly. Didn’t you ever wonder why the treatment success rate was so high?

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A “surgical team” takes part in the “Sailing on Anything” floating championships on the Netta River in Augustow, Poland, July 26, 2009. Participants are required to construct “machines” without an engine that are able to travel a minimum of 400 yards. REUTERS/ Peter Andrews

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