High fashion, it’s all in the execution?

July 31, 2009

Blog Guy, please let me jump in here quickly because I have special fashion needs which are fairly urgent.

Okay, I’ve never heard of urgent fashion needs, but go on…

I’m Judy, a wartime spy facing the firing squad, and naturally I want to look my best. I’m furious!  No designers are producing chic blindfolds!

You’re right, largely because there is very little repeat business. I think I can help you, Judy, but these designs haven’t been made public yet, so you have to promise not to give this info to anybody else.

Hey, I’m a spy. Of course you can trust me not to pass along secrets!

Okay then. For starters, what’s your best color? Judy? Judy?

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Models present creations by Argentine designer Verolvaldi during Colombiamoda fashion show in Medellin July 30, 2009. REUTERS/Jose Miguel Gomez

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Are they just trying to see how dumb women are? If this catches on, I give up.

Posted by Donna | Report as abusive

There has got to be nothing more embarrassing than having your negligee blow up into your face.

Recycling the piece left after making a burqa – it’s environmentally friendly.

Posted by Logrus | Report as abusive

It’s too bad Judy just got plugged. I think she’d have looked good in the orange ensemble, no burqa required.

If your burqa should detonate or…, Hopefully, you’ll still have enough cloth to at least do a respectable T&A cover job

Posted by gwmc | Report as abusive

I can’t STAND it anymore!!!
What are these women missing?
I want to know right now…
I will pout until the truth is revealed.

Judy got herself a blindfold to die for….

Posted by John | Report as abusive