Here comes that damn Rolls again!

August 5, 2009

Blog Guy, I collect photos of vintage Rolls-Royces in different places. You got any?

Sure. Here’s a butt-load of shots from Madonna’s current tour.

Hang on, I said DIFFERENT places!

They are. The one on the right is from yesterday, in Estonia. The others are from Austria, Brazil, Wales, England, the U.S.A…

No way!

Oh, and Mexico, France, Spain…

But…but…but…they all look the same! Why would anybody take the same photo from numerous concerts?

Look, I know it seems insane. But one of these evenings, I don’t know where, that Rolls isn’t gonna stop in time…

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Above: Singer Madonna performs on stage in Tallinn, Estonia, August 4, 2009. REUTERS/ Stringer

Left: Madonna and car during shows in Vienna, Sao Paulo, Cardiff, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Nice, Barcelona and Rio. REUTERS photos.

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Ah, come on, who doesn’t love to have a little cheese with their rolls?

That isn’t a Rolls-Royce, that is a fake 1936 Auburn 852 Boattail Speedster.

Posted by Eric | Report as abusive

Ah, if only the seats in that car could talk.

That car is only there to distract us from a poor stage performance.

The car is the only thing in the show that has more mileage than Madonna.

Posted by some guy | Report as abusive