Marching to a different eardrummer?

August 7, 2009

Blog Guy, it’s been a while since you spotted a new sign of the onrushing Apocalypse. I guess things must be getting a little better?

Hardly. The Apocalyptic story of the year is this week’s “One dead in ear-cleaning salon attack.”

To Apocalypse watchers it might as well say, “Enormous asteroid hurtles toward Muncie.”

I mean, gosh. what are the chances a place where men go to rest their heads on a woman’s lap and get their ears cleaned might attract some nutjobs?

Ah, I get you. You’re saying those places should be banned?

Heck no. I’m just saying the swabs they use should be six inches longer, red-hot and pointed at the end.

Don’t hold back, Blog Guy. You don’t think ear-cleaning salons are a good idea?

No. Why can’t those guys just go through a car wash with the windows down, like the rest of us?

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Right: A woman, complete with special gadgets, tends to a customer at a park in Changzhou, China, in a 2002 file photo. The practitioner renders ear-cleaning, head and body massage and acupressure services.
REUTERS/Claro Cortes IV

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Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

WTH?! Look at the size of those q-tips! Just exactly how deep are Japanese ear canals?

Posted by Bandage | Report as abusive

I’m sorry. Those are sigmoidoscopy/proctoscopy swabs. And, while useful for some orifices, that headlight is useless when it comes to cleaning ears.

Posted by gwmc | Report as abusive

So, they go to put their heads in a woman’s lap and experience some canal knowledge.

Posted by Logrus | Report as abusive


LOL! -I -I mean *groan*

Posted by Bandage | Report as abusive