Copy that, Copycat!

August 8, 2009

From Japan comes news that the luxury brand Hermes will soon provide a new luxury helicopter service between luxury downtown Tokyo and luxury Narita Airport.

This is great for folks who hate making the long trip by taxi or bus, unless you’re bothered by the $790 one-way fare. Plus I’m sure they expect you to just give them $800 and say keep the change.

Here’s the thing. I lived over in Asia for years, and the first thing they do with any luxury item is make cheap knock-off copies. Very soon, copycat Hermes choppers will be offering to carry tourists to the airport for two bucks.

As with any knock-offs, some of them will work but some will flop off the buildings and crash immediately. Meanwhile, the Hermes Police will start blasting the knock-offs out of the sky, which will shorten some trips.

So for the next few months the place to be is in a slow-moving taxi with a sun roof, so you can watch the blazing aerial spectacle as you inch your way to the airport.

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Above: French customs official holds counterfeit Cartier watches in 2001 file photo, after seizing knock-off luxury goods bearing names of labels including Hermes, Fendi and Cartier. REUTERS/ John Schults

Right: Japan’s first Hermes helicopter is unveiled in Tokyo, August 7, 2009. REUTERS/ Yuriko Nakao

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