Who’s the Jurk with the accordion?

August 11, 2009

Blog Guy, please help settle an argument. My girlfriend says that in some countries, accordion players can actually run for public office. I think she’s wrong.  I know you have written about the accordion problem in the past, and thought maybe you could shed some light.

Your girlfriend is right. Through a loophole in Germany’s election laws, there is an accordion player currently campaigning for office over there.

Incredible! What’s his name?

I believe it’s Jurk.

Okay, wait a minute. Somebody is playing a joke on you.  A dude named Jurk who plays the accordion may actually be elected to office?

Hey, I said he’s RUNNING, not that he could win.

The election is three weeks off, which leaves plenty of time for voters to find out all about his unsavory musical background. Meanwhile, share these photos with every German voter you know!

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Thomas Jurk, top candidate of German Social Democrats for the upcoming Saxony state elections, plays the accordion during a campaign rally in Leipzig, August 9, 2009. REUTERS/Tobias Schwarz

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As Gary Larson once wrote in a Far Side cartoon, “Welcome to Heaven, here’s your harp. Welcome to Hell, here’s your accordion.”

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

I don’t believe any of this is true. Robert’s just trying to push our buttons.

Posted by Logrus | Report as abusive

Sorry Logrus, but the photo and the caption, including the name, are legit. Deal with it.

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive

Yeah! Don’t make Robert come over there and put the squeeze on you.

Posted by detroit johnnie | Report as abusive

What I think needs to be settled once and for all in this blog is this aggravating and borderline illegal use of instruments of torture in the photos and the captions. A few weeks ago it was tubas, now accordions, a bit further back a little Barry Manilow! Robert, are you sure you are not violating any of the Conventions on the Protection of Human Rights with these posts?!?!

Posted by M | Report as abusive

Herr Jurk is going to have to break out the tubas and the clog dancers if he’s going to have a liebfraumilch’s chance in Leipzig in this coming election.

Posted by gwmc | Report as abusive

You prejudiced B@$T@RD$! Da clogging and da tuba oompas make life worth living!

Posted by Herr Mony | Report as abusive

Herr Jurk should probably even consider hiring Barry. The Neo-Nazis are outpolling the Social Democrats! Und, ja, we predudiced be.

Posted by gwmc | Report as abusive

he’s got a nice shelf upon which to rest his accordion, too!

Posted by warbler | Report as abusive

Oh yeah haters?http://accordionnoir.org/drupal/f iles/One%20Less%20Guitar%20scan.jpgIt’s really quite boring to hate something based on your frickin’ grandparent’s prejudices. It’s been almost three generations since 1960, when the accordion was the most popular instrument in America. It fell to amplified electric guitars, which is ironic, since the accordion had deposed other instruments in the same way since it was louder (fiddles) and way easier to play (your beloved bagpipes).So, let me just say, it’s really old-fashioned and stale to hate these instruments. It’s a worn-out cliche, more tiresome than any instrument you may fear. Please stop, it’s just dumb and lazy.I am a geek and help run the Accordion Noir Radio Programme where we play accordion music with more variety than any mainstream station you can find. Musicians are picking these things up everywhere, you’ll be hearing it more and more. Our motto is, “Ruthlessly pursuing the idea that the accordion is just another instrument.”www.AccordionNoir.org”In three or four years, people are going to be embarrassed to admit they took guitar lessons as a kid.” –Jason Webley

Posted by Bruce Triggs | Report as abusive

Many thanks for that funny pictures. Thomas Jurk is the Minister of Economic Affairs since 2004. He is a social democrat. I think in America it is called ”a liberal”. Yesterday was election day for the state parliament of saxony.(Thats why i found this blog)Herr Jurk today has resigned from Leadership of his party SPD in saxony. Maybe, he did not longer work as a minister. (I hope so)It is possible, that he has a lot of time to get better on his accordion.Bevor he was becoming a minister, it was not common knowledge, that he is an accordionplayer. This came onto light during the last elction campaign. The “human factor”, you know.So, in my opinion, you and your girlfriend are right. In Germany is playing an instrument no reason to get barred from elections. But nobody knows, if this is a help.

Posted by Kurt from Dresden/Saxony | Report as abusive