And, the ice is free here!

August 13, 2009

Okay, members of the Iceland Citizens Group, thanks for coming on such short notice. You all know the problem.

Ingibjorg Egilsdottir, Miss Iceland, is frolicking in the Bahamas before the Miss Universe Pageant, and – I’ll be very blunt – when it’s over, why in God’s name would she leave there and return to a place called Iceland?

So, we’ve made a great list of reasons she should come home when the pageant is over:

5. Our food! Two words: liver sausage!

4. The weather! This winter could match 1918′s record of minus 36 degrees! You won’t wanna miss that!

3. You don’t know anybody. You’ll be lonely in The Bahamas.

2. Your clothes are back in Iceland. You’ll have nothing to wear!

And the number one reason for you to come home to Iceland:

1. It’s August! Any day now, a tourist will come!

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Ingibjorg Egilsdottir, Miss Iceland 2009, ahead of the Miss Universe 2009 pageant in the Bahamas. Miss Universe 2009 will be crowned on August 23. REUTERS /Miss Universe Organization L.P., LLLP/Handouts

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I fail to see how those reasons could not entice lovely Ms. Egilsdottir back to Iceland. I am sure you’d be a great marketing adviser, Robert. Was it you… naahh, you probably were too young to be advising on promoting the Edsel or the Pinto…

Posted by M | Report as abusive

Yes, I was too young for those campaigns, but Classic Coke was all mine…

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive

It must get cold in Iceland. Look at the size of those goosebumps!

Posted by CAM | Report as abusive

Oh, you poor thing. It is obvious that you’ve never been to Iceland.

Posted by Ice | Report as abusive

Um… guys… She’s probably better off in the Bahamas. Having her stay that close to the polar ice cap could result in global flooding… just sayin’…

You’ve got it backwards mate Iceland is green and Greenland is icey but I still would rather stay more southern and the Bahama’s is in the South…hmmm

Posted by GeordieKin | Report as abusive

Yes, she’s hot, but when she opens her mouth does she sound like Bjork?

Posted by some guy | Report as abusive

If the lovely Ms. Egilsdottir was talking to me, I wouldn’t care if she sounded like a duck. :)

Posted by Jess D. | Report as abusive

She looks cool, sexy. I guess she’ll have a good chance at the Miss universe 2009

[...] 5. And, the ice is free here! [...]