Put the money in the bag, or I’ll eachu up!

August 14, 2009

Blog Guy, there was a really bizarre bank robbery in Australia today.

Yeah, two guys held up a bank in dinosaur masks. As you can see in this closed-circuit footage, they had Tyrannosaurus Rex masks. The bank tellers cooperated and no one was hurt.

“If it had just been a brontosaurus I’d have fought the bastard, but I don’t mess with T-rex!” said one victim.

But don’t the tellers know dinosaurs died out long before humans?

They said they saw this on “The Flintstones,” and it’s hard to argue with that.

“It was all very believable,” the chief teller said. “They had us put our money in a Trader Joe’s bag. That just seemed like a very dinosaur thing to do.”

Stunning! And the “dinosaurs” stayed in character the whole time?

Absolutely. They didn’t drop their guard, even as they got into their Hummer and drove off.

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Two men in suits hold pictures of dinosaurs during a protest on climate change in central Sydney August 13, 2009. REUTERS/ Daniel Munoz

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I guess they are advocating for environmental laws with some teeth to them? Based on those suits I guess protesting pays better than scale these days.

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