It’s like if déjà vu had déjà vu!

August 19, 2009

Blog Guy, recently you poked fun at the number of similar photos of Madonna from her Sticky and Sweet Tour.

Folks must have been kind of embarrassed to see all those same shots from different cities?

I think that blog item… Hold on! This just in! Against all odds, Madonna and her car have made it to Munich, as you can see in this brand new photo!

You’re not serious. That’s a new shot?

Yep, taken yesterday! But you have to understand, my last post on this was two weeks ago, from Estonia.

Two weeks? She didn’t make very good time. She must have taken a lot of bathroom breaks on the way.

Well, she also performed in Poland and Finland in-between.

But you didn’t have that same picture from those places, too?

Yes, we did. Over on the right.

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Above: Madonna performs in Munich, August 18, 2009.  REUTERS/Michaela Rehle

Middle: Madonna in Finland and Poland. REUTERS photos

Left: Madonna in Vienna, Sao Paulo, Cardiff, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Nice, Barcelona and Rio. REUTERS photos.

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I guess the car does not produce as much mileage as Madonna, or her tour gear lorries!

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