They’re called the WHAT?

August 21, 2009

Listen up, folks, let’s show everybody why we’re the best ad agency around. Now, we’ve been hired by this religious movement out of Bulgaria.

They’ve been around awhile, but they’re not well known, so they want us to promote their name a bit. Sounds like an easy one.

So, it says here these guy are called the…

Uh-oh. They’re called the “White Brotherhood.” How unfortunate. It seems they wear white outfits and walk kinda like zombies.

Okay, let’s brainstorm it a bit, throw some ad slogans at the wall and see who salutes. Here’s what I’ve got:

  • The White Brotherhood! Don’t confuse us with those dudes in prison!
  • The White Brotherhood! We don’t plan to eat your brains!
  • The White Brotherhood! We only get ONE wife!
  • The White Brotherhood! Hey, at least we’re not Hari Krishna!

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Members of a religious movement, the White Brotherhood, perform a ritual dance near Babreka lake, south of Sofia, Bulgaria, August 19, 2009, as part of celebration of their New Year. Their teaching is a synthesis of Christianity and Hinduism with a heavy emphasis on brotherly love, healthy diet and living in harmony with nature. REUTERS/Stoyan Nenov

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Okay – they practice living in harmony with nature, but they wear white, which has to be treated with nasty chemicals like bleach to get it to that color and keep it there, rather than the natural colors of cotton and wool … yup, no contradiction there!

Posted by Beth | Report as abusive

Well, holy cow! At first I was sure this was about some hate group, e.g., Arian Nation, KKK…it’s obvious these folks aren’t from the U.S.A.,eh? But isn’t it also interesting that people who seek peaceful lives for others and hope to help the planet are grist for the humor mill?

Posted by Noni | Report as abusive

Yes, the White Brotherhood, we of the Black Brotherhood have known about them for some time. We have vowed to clean the Earth of their madness. Peace! Ha! Peace is detrimental to a healthy organism. An organism needs conflict and stress to remain at its best. All the good inventions and innovations have come from War Research. The only innovations the White Brotherhood has offered is how to brew a good cup of tea.

Posted by Dark Drall | Report as abusive

why are they calling themselves white brotherhood? coz of their clothes? coz they look like Bulgarian Gypsies .. I’m not degrading gypsies with any way by saying this.. Gypsies are fun.. Again I’m not surprised it’s very popular around here.. people are so confused.. hahaha every idea every thought got mixed up with eachother.. they just can’t leave it as it is.. who needs a synthesis of Christianity and Hinduism :) actually the way they raise their arms doesn’t look like the kkk’s or hitler’s.. they’re saying “look we’re very good ..our clothes are white.. just got washed.. and hey check our nails.. they’re short and very clean as well” .. it looks like a detergent advert… hahahha they’re looking too very funny :))) especially the ones at the back in 2nd picture. :)

Posted by caglar | Report as abusive

The white and black brotherhood zombies be damned! We of the Red Zombies believe in the third way. Red meat, cigarettes and liberal spashes of alchohol along with bleach-free cleansers will save the world!

Posted by Red_Meet | Report as abusive

Is is just me or does that first picture look like the macarena.

Posted by Ben | Report as abusive

actually it does haha :)

Posted by Caglar | Report as abusive

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