Cool Hand Nuke?

August 26, 2009

Today we continue our scientific poll to find which international figure – U.S. President Barack Obama, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin or Britain’s Prince Charles – will be named the Coolest Leader Dude.

While I am absolutely neutral on this issue, I must point out that Charles has taken a disturbing and baffling lead in early voting, heading toward a result that could be an affront to all mankind.

Today’s photo selection shows the nominees interacting with horses and camels, which are two very cool animals.

Please get everyone you know to participate in this important survey.

Those of you tempted to try casting multiple votes should be aware there’s no way on God’s green earth our polling software will catch you.

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Above: Then U.S. Senator Barack Obama holds a camel at an animal market in Wajid, Kenya, in a 2006 file photo. August 27, 2006. REUTERS/Daud Yussuf

Right upper: Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin rides a horse in southern Siberia’s Tuva region, August 3, 2009. REUTERS/ RIA Novosti/Pool/Alexei Druzhinin

Right lower: Britain’s Prince Charles makes a face as he walks cautiously past a Clydesdale horse, in a 2000 file photo. REUTERS photo.

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The more I look at these pics, the more convinced I am that Charles is the man. It is utterly outstanding how he manages to keep impeccably elegant while looking at a horse’s backside.

Then again, I guess he’s had a lot of practice by looking at some of the other members of the English royal family or some of the MPs…

Posted by M | Report as abusive

What the caption doesn’t tell you is that Charles was actually having a conversation with the horse’s behind until the nice lady explained it was no one he knew…

My vote is still for Charles…I like the looney ones.

I bet he laughs like Woody Woodpecker.

Posted by K | Report as abusive

Prince Chuck is the dude! Neutrality my Clydesdale, Bob. Vlad needs a reduction mammoplasty. And, B.O. is just B.O.

Posted by gwmc | Report as abusive

Which one is the horse’s backside?

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

Oh God, this is really going badly….

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive

C’mon, Rob, admit it – you’re voting for Charles under multiple assumed names in attempt to subvert the pro-Putin movement! (assuming, of course, that it exists outside of special interest groups like the Pull-My-Finger brigade…)

I’m driven to vote for the Russian, though, on the grounds that I would kill him for his horse.

Posted by CillaJ | Report as abusive

I love Oddly Enough !
It is the best, quirkiest mental gymnastics going !
Many thanks Mr. Bassler !
Martha Waring

Posted by Martha Waring | Report as abusive

Thanks, Martha. I hope you’re voting repeatedly in the Coolest Leader Dude poll….

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive

I find it difficult to use the term ‘cool dude’ and Prince Charles in the same sentence, but I just did.

Although I am unfamiliar with what is cool in Russia I have a feeling Vlad is considered one cool Rooskie.

Despite that stupid looking golf shirt I’m going to have to go with Barack, though. I know what is cool in the USA and Barack is certainly the USA coolest of the three.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

Definitely Chuck. Obama may have mastered small children, but he clearly needs a bit more time to get the animal thing down pat. And what is Putin playing at exposing those man-boobs? Trying to tempt Berlusconi? Charles has been around the block enough times to know to step away from the horse’s be-ribboned backside.

Posted by Lizzy M | Report as abusive

“Those of you tempted to try casting multiple votes should be aware there’s no way on God’s green earth our polling software will catch you.”

Then I shall cast one vote for Prince Charles upon every hour of every day until the good Prince reigns supreme as King of the Dudes!


Posted by Aaron | Report as abusive

I’m forced to vote for Charles. Obama’s red shirt clashes terribly with his camel’s exterior.

I wanted to vote for Putin, but in Russia, the horse is supposed to ride you.

Prince Charles!

Posted by Aaron | Report as abusive

Charles, über Alles

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

Prince Chuck was surprised when he took off the blindfold (he is holding it in his right hand) only to find he made a perfect placement at “pin the tail on the donkey”.

Posted by Dino Myers | Report as abusive

Danke schoen!

Posted by Charles | Report as abusive

Choosing between Obama and Putin is pretty difficult. If those two leaders could trade places it’d be great. Russia needs a gentle hand right now. The US needs a guy like Putin to arrest twenty five million Republicans and their leaders and send them to the deepest, darkest dungeon imaginable where they’ll be infected with radiation poisoning and AIDS.

Anyway, that’s what Putin would do if he was in the White House. (sigh)

Posted by Matthew Bright | Report as abusive

I gotta say, not a fan of Putin’s man-boobs. I know he probably thinks, “What a MAN I am, strutting around half naked, all the ladies will be swooning (or whatever the Russian equivalent of that is)”, but I just think, “get a man-zier” or better yet, “put on a shirt”!

But that being said, why am I not put off by Charles’ womanish ways, maybe because he is what he is. God knows he can’t be TRYING to look gay as a picnic basket, can he?

So, yeah folks, my vote goes to Princey Charles.

Posted by SS | Report as abusive

*chant* Charles! Charles! Charles! CHARLESSSSSSSSS!

Posted by Kevin | Report as abusive

Got to go with Obama.

a) Camels are just way cooler;
b) I’m with SS on the man boobs. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again – until Hugh Jackman becomes a politician, I like my politicians with their shirts on; and
c) Charles is looking at what he is known for in the antipodes. Being a horse’s …


Posted by Aaron | Report as abusive