Do these pants make my butt look big?

August 27, 2009

Blog Guy, I’m back with more questions about the honorable sport of bullfighting.

Sure, but let me remind you, bullfighting isn’t a sport, it’s a “sport.” Big difference.

Sorry. So what is the essence of the matador’s code? I mean, what is foremost inĀ  his mind as he enters the ring for the classic confrontation between man and beast?

That’s an easy one. It’s, “How can I get the hell away from this snorting behemoth as pronto as possible?”

Take the bullfighter in the photo below. He’s calculating how much gauze and medical apparatus his assistants should put on him so the crowd won’t expect him to go into the ring.

I believe in bullfighting parlance it’s called El Sicko Dayo.

Wow! And did it turn out that an arm sling and four rolls of gauze were enough?

No. Next time I bet he’s smart enough to bring crutches and a neck brace.

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Spanish bullfighter Cayetano Rivera gestures before a bullfight at the bull ring in Almeria, southeastern Spain, August 25, 2009. REUTERS/Francisco Bonilla

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It’s hard to tell, but does it say “Budweiser” somewhere on his jacket?

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

I dunno, but anyone that gets a boner (top picture) before he fights a bull is probably not someone you want to mess with…

Posted by Anon | Report as abusive

Wow! I have NEVER seen such a magnificent arm sling! It’s gorgeous! Haha. Sorry, I just think that it is way cool.

Posted by Zahra | Report as abusive

If that is the “boner” in question, your right…I don’t wanna mess with him, but then again when you are five foot two..that may be considered ONE IMPRESSIVE boner.

Posted by Bich~Zilla | Report as abusive

I hate to burst your bubble, but I believe what you’re seeing is just the outline of his adult diaper.

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive

…or it could be the remnants of the last bull horn he was impaled on….

Posted by K | Report as abusive

Mr Roberto,No. His pants don’t make his butt look look huge.However, his butt does make his pants seem tiny.There. Is that PC enough for you?

Posted by tim | Report as abusive

Sorry to rain on your parade, guys, but the truth lies elsewhere.In Spanish, a torero’s suit is called “Traje de Luces”, light suit. That thing you see is not a boner, but the battery compartment. How else do you think they make these things shine?

Posted by M | Report as abusive

He was hugging his girlfriend and she said, “Is that a battery compartment in your pants or are you just glad to see me?”

Posted by Anastasia Von Beaverhausen | Report as abusive