Presenting the Quickini!

August 27, 2009

Blog Guy, I’m hoping you can help me out with a fashion dilemma.

I’m a gal who likes wearing a comfy bikini on a sun-drenched beach vacation. But if there’s a really hunky guy there, I want to look my natural best, which includes enhancing my swimsuit with padding to make my you-know-whats look big.

Your feet?

No. Think about it, Blog Guy. Anyway, of course by the time I spot the hunk it’s too late to run back to the changing room, so what am I to do?

Say no more. Check out the “Quickini,” from a fashion show today. It’s the answer to your problem.

This chick is listening carefully for the sound of other women laughing and flirting behind her, a sure sign that a muscle-bound hunk is coming up. A quick flip of the Quickini pads hanging on her shoulders, and they’re in place to make her look like she’s so top-heavy she can barely stand up!

That’s perfect! But what happens if the hunk still doesn’t notice me?

I wouldn’t worry too much about that as long as he’s breathing.

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A model presents a creation by Turkish designer Idil Tarzi during a fashion show at the Istanbul Fashion Days, August 27, 2009. REUTERS/Murad Sezer

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I assume this can also be used for those with supernumerary breasts.

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

Obviously, the only hunk for whom she has this garment in mind is the Prince of Hunks himself, Prince Charles.That’s right. This debate is now boiling over.

Posted by Aaron | Report as abusive

bow chicka bow ow sign me up for one of those!xD

Posted by Mel Adamai | Report as abusive

I think Chuck would be embarrassed. This little number successfully evokes the historical sensation of Constantinople and all of glorious excesses, including the adoration of supernumerary mammaries.

Posted by gwmc | Report as abusive

It could also be a built in flotation device…or maybe an emergency decoy in case of a shark attack…

Posted by K | Report as abusive

you’d think the person wearing the bikini would feel confident and not want the padsotherwise she wouldn’t be wearing a bikini anyway

Posted by Name | Report as abusive

I’d say those pillows are a bit small for that incredibly compelling sleepy face the model is sporting…

Posted by M | Report as abusive