That’s a lotta terracotta!

August 30, 2009

Blog Guy, I’m about to leave on my dream trip to China, to see the famous terracotta warriors. Any advice?

Stop! Don’t go in September, that’s vacation month for all those guys. The statue places will all be closed!

Excuse me, Blog Guy? Vacation month? They’re fricking clay STATUES!

Please, you can’t be that naive. All those statues you see around China are just guys with makeup. On the right you can see an artist painting one of the “statues.”

Now hold on. You’re saying that whole terracotta army is just a bunch of guys who get painted and then stand still all day?

It’s not like it’s the same boring thing all the time. They also paint some of the statues to look like real people, like these ones done up to look like the Clintons.

If you slip them a few bucks they’ll paint one to look just like you – it’s a great travel souvenir.

Vanishing artist video report

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Above and top left: Artist Liu Bolin, also known as the ‘Vanishing Artist’, is painted by an assistant as he makes himself look exactly the same as the wall of an old temple in a Hutong in central Beijing, August 26, 2009. REUTERS/David Gray

Lower left: U.S. President Bill Clinton poses with his daughter Chelsea and first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton as they tour the terracotta warriors in China in a 1998 file photo. REUTERS/Gary Hershorn

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Robert,You don’t have to go to China. You will be miserable when you find out that China is a such modernized country and is diiferent from what western medium describ.

Posted by Adam | Report as abusive

I always thought that western media describes China not only as modern, but as becoming even more modern at a lightning fast pace. Perhaps there is something big that is being kept secret, such as the entire country having been relocated into space.Although, perhaps the true test for modernization does not lie in a nations technical, economic, and social development, but rather, in its citizens’ ability to purchase useless junk. For example, can I buy a terracotta soldier Chia Pet?However, China produces most of the useless junk that is bought in America, and so perhaps our consuming is not modernizing them, but their producing is modernizing us!I am very sorry Robert, I have put way too much thought into this blog. Oh, and I have another ~6.9 Billion votes for Charles–one for every man woman and child on Earth.

Posted by Aaron | Report as abusive

Who the heck is Charles? And btw, don’t give any hints to our leadership about these talented painters. Next thing you know the “terracotta warriors” will be on every street corner of America also being known as the local law enforcement.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

A Reuters reporter attempted to interview Mr. Bolin but was unable to locate him.

Posted by some guy who was here a second ago | Report as abusive