Are you dummies talkin’ to ME?

September 2, 2009

Irving liked exploring on his own, but at times he had the distinct impression strange characters were following and taunting him.

They often took the form of menacing mannequins. A woman wearing only a shawl, buck-naked men making rude faces, even a slender guy who must have been one of those “size zero” models.

He imagined  the mannequins took orders from a man in sunglasses and a Mao cap, using an untraceable mobile phone.

Irving reckoned the strange yellow symbols above the mannequins might be the key to the whole shebang, but they were unlike anything he had seen growing up in Biloxi, even that year he spent in high school.

Today, though, Irving was feeling very good about himself. His therapist had convinced him it was all in his mind, and he wasn’t going to fall for it and turn around. Life was good.

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A man speaks on the phone as he stands in front of a skeleton in a mannequin shop in Shanghai, August 27, 2009.

A man looks on as he stands outside the mannequin shop.

REUTERS photos by Nir Elias

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I can’t find my bike.

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Well yes, Jay. See, I’ve already used the names Lamar, Lonnie, Herb and Earl quite often. It’s time to move on.

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Well, his name used to be something completely different, but he had to change it after going in to the Federal Witness Protection programme. Nevertheless, the problem is his new identity is that of a psycopathic, delusional madman with with a huge paranoia!! that’s why Robert is using “Irving”, so as not to blow his cover!!

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