How I spent my summer vacation

September 8, 2009

Welcome back to a feature called What Year is this Again? where we offer items that lack humor, but do make us wonder if we have somehow gone back in time…

Children, welcome to third grade! I’m Miss Johnson. Let’s start with all of you writing a paragraph called “How I Spent My Summer Vacation!”

Dear Miss Johnson, my family went to Disney World. We rode on every ride. I threw up.


Dear Miss Johnson, we went to Martha’s Vineyard. I saw President Obama. He waved.


Dear Ms. Johnson. Last Sunday, Mommy and I were on a bus. There was a truck full of roosters. Some guys called “hit men” drove by and killed two men in the rooster truck. Four days earlier in the same city, “hit men” went to a clinic, lined up patients and killed 17 of them. Next summer, I want to visit Hollywood.


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A woman and her daughter look at a crime scene where hitmen killed two men in the border city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, September 6, 2009. Four men were traveling in a truck loaded with roosters when they were attacked on Sunday afternoon in a drive-by shooting, according to local media. REUTERS/Tomas Bravo

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way too serious, Blog guy!

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive

Well, life isn’t all just stupid fashions and prissy bullfighters.

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive

Aw, gee, Bob, now you went and made me all sad …

Posted by Beth | Report as abusive

Poor child… his eyes show fear.. yes some kids spend their holiday with full of fun and some don’t. :( and yes some people make movies of this kind of incidents.. shooting and killing.. and video games too.. this kid can visit Hollywood and tell his experience about all she witnessed. its only fake blood and violence for people who live in their comfy homes, and kids with parents and loads of toys in their room.. yes they might get bored of all this luxury sometimes and watch violence on tv or play games like grand theft auto…etc.. shoot people, runover them, steal….(some of them go for animal hunting, do or watch bullfights) i wonder do people need to watch movies or play games too violent coz of their nature? so they can satisfy themselves…?? like animals need to hunt??? I know from my old cat Felix, he was never hungry but he used to hunt and kill pigeons in the garden and leave them laying dead. if its the same case for humans as well then it’s scary. does that mean everyone is a killer inside?..some people keep it there, some dont? if it’s not human nature then do they really need to experience something like that to understand killing is not nice… but they know it already.. then why are there violent video games or movies or why people like to watch blood and tears on the news.. or spread panic for no reason.. i wish that kids could live their childhood all happy and nice.. now Rosie probably won’t forget what she saw… this could be a big trauma.. i mean if i saw something like that, I would remember always.. I found a video game in Turkey looong long time ago.. not Turkish made.. cant remember its name now.. but in the game you’re a criminal.. and you can kill people for “fun” !! and use unusual things for it.. not guns or knifes.. I was really shocked.. scissors, hair combs, forks, ironing board, …etc.. what ever you can grab that was around you at the time! but what really surprised me was after murdering lots of people then the character of the game can open his trousers zip and pee on his victims… I could not believe!! and that movie “saw”.. who like to watch all this? do people enjoy? they must do so they made the second third fourth series of the movie….etc.. I remember a French movie “irreversible” .. same kind of twisted movie.. rape, murder, torture.. also that movie called “hostel”!!! I watch and listen everything to understand people… sometimes… and their mind is dirty.. full of hatred and stuff. twisted and sick… this scares me.. so I decided to create my own world so I can stay healthy and happy in it and not become like them.. maybe media is the problem.. or maybe human brain.. hahaha this must be the longest comment I’ve ever made..

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