Golly, I don’t have enough pockets for all my cash!

September 18, 2009

If  you get all of your fashion guidance from this blog – and boy, you should be easy to spot in a crowd – you know I pay close attention to police decoy fashions.

Tempting bad guys to commit crimes is a challenge in our litigious society. So as usual, I’m attending the annual “Hook ’em and Book ’em.”

Am I glad I came this year! There is an exciting new surprise twist to the show.

What this unsuspecting model doesn’t know is, Hollywood loose cannon Mickey Rourke is in the audience! Mickey was told to study for the part of a hood whose father was sent away by a police decoy during a Pinky Lee tribute.

So, let’s sit back and watch the fun. And come back tomorrow, when decoy models face surprise nutjob confrontations from Dennis Hopper, Steve Buscemi and Javier Bardem!

What business is it of yours where I’m from, friendo?”

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A model presents a creation from the G-Star Spring 2010 collection during New York Fashion Week, September 15, 2009. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Actor Mickey Rourke watches a model on the runway during the Max Azria Spring 2010 collection at New York Fashion Week, September 15, 2009. REUTERS/ Brendan McDermid

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This suit just might be the ONLY thing that could make Prince Charles even cooler.

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My rook from E5 to B5. Your move…

Posted by Jimmy | Report as abusive

Pinky Lee! I haven’t thought about him for ever so long…

Posted by Sylvia Pauckner | Report as abusive

Well Ms. Pauckner, I’m surprised someone so young can remember him at all….

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive

Obviously Sylvia ain’t that young. Just as obviously neither are we, Bob.

Posted by gwmc | Report as abusive

Talk about your self, gwmc..

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive

Women’s fashion has frequently made women look as if they are dressing like clowns. Now these “high fashion” designers are dressing men to look like clowns as well.

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Mickey Rourke dressed himself.

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

Double usage for the clown : to wear in the evening, and a table-cloth at meals time.

Posted by fatima | Report as abusive

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