Gals, time to get your nails done!

September 23, 2009

Okay fashion show staff, you’re all aware of our problem.

Our designer shoes are so uncomfortable, our models won’t wear them. As you can see here, they just take them off in the middle of the runway!

We’ve had lots of falls recently, and now, God forbid, people have started debating whether women have the right to wear “comfortable” shoes to work. This could be the end of us.

Herb, I liked your idea of filling the shoes with airplane glue, but unfortunately people in the front row can smell it, and we can’t have fashion editors getting stoned.

I’m afraid that leaves us with Lonnie’s suggestion, shoeing the models sort of like horses.

I think the discomfort of having a few nails stuck into their feet to hold the shoes on has been exaggerated, and our medical coverage does cover tetanus shots, right?

But Lonnie, DO remember to measure the nails. The sight of having them come out the top of the foot might be a fashion turn-off…

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A model removes her shoes as she displays an outfit by designer Carlos Doblas during Madrid Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010 show, September 18, 2009.

A model gets help making her shoes more slip-resistant before taking part in Alma Aguilar’s Spring/Summer 2010 show in Madrid, September 21, 2009.

REUTERS photos by Susana Vera

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Thanks Bob… you always live upto your reader’s expectations!! :D

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive

Oh DUH! I never would have guessed the control panel for a model is located on the bottom of the foot!

Posted by K | Report as abusive