She forced herself into the shot?

September 30, 2009

Dammit Johnson, you call yourself a NEWS photographer? I assign you to get a weather shot showing how blue the sky is today, and you come back with some lady blocking part of the view! What’s your problem?

Sorry, Boss, but she’s the Chancellor! She stuck her face in and I couldn’t get rid of her. I got as little of her as possible. There’s not even a hint that her face has a left side.

Not good enough, Johnson! Get more assertive, or next time you may come back with a photo where the ENTIRE face of a world leader is visible. Who wants to see that?

It won’t happen again, Boss. Is there anything we can do with this shot?

Yes, I’m an expert photo editor, and I’ve cropped a version we can use. Have a look. This is the kind of work I expect from you.

Wow, you saved my ass again! Thanks, Boss!

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Angela Merkel, German Chancellor and leader of the conservative Christian Democratic Union party addresses a news conference in Berlin, September 28, 2009. REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay

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I always suspected there was a lot of blue-screen work going on in political videos. Thanks again for letting us see the real picture, Bob!

Thanks, Bob. I’ve found my new desktop background pic!

Posted by CAM | Report as abusive

the blue brings out the color
of merkel’s very beautiful eyes.

I’d do her.

Posted by some guy who would hear the chancellor say "Getten ze hell avay frum me!" | Report as abusive

Her eyes are quite blue… but nothing can beat the conrnflower blue eyes the guy at Rapid Rolls Take away has….

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive

What is the color for Christian Democratic Union party?
Is this not to much blue…

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