So a leopard CAN change its spots?

October 9, 2009

Sometimes I have to make up stupid stuff for this blog, but of course it’s much better when there is real, honest stupid stuff like this, to save me the trouble.

The photo above shows the two new zebras at a zoo in Gaza City.

And by “new,” I mean they are really donkeys who have just been painted with black stripes because the zoo’s owner says it would be too expensive to bring a genuine zebra into Israeli-blockaded Gaza.

While using this technique so children may may experience nature’s variety is beyond dumb, it does open whole new vistas for “zoos” in places where cost is an issue.

After all, there are only a handful of basic zoo animal shapes.

You’ve got your horse-shape, your big cat-shape and your monkey shape. Okay, maybe elephants and giraffes are more of a challenge, but that’s what steroids and neck-extenders are for, am I right?

A word of caution. Unless you want mass childhood trauma on a scale never seen before, you get those kids the hell out of there FAST when it starts to rain!

Zebra-painting video clip

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Top: Two dyed donkeys stand at Marah Land zoo in Gaza City October 8, 2009. The white donkeys dyed with black stripes delighted Palestinian kids who had never seen a zebra in the flesh.  REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

Left: Two models display zebra striped gowns in Milan in 2000 file photo. REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini

Right: A newly-born zebra is accompanied by his mother at their preserve in the Bosphorus Zoo near Istanbul, in 2003 file photo. REUTERS/Fatih Saribas

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Excuse me! Where is the pig with the lipstick?

Posted by John C Abell | Report as abusive

“Gee Mom, zebras smell just like grandma when she comes home from the beauty shop.”

Posted by some guy | Report as abusive

It appears that the donkey on the left has been painted to look like a unicorn as well as a zebra.

The models are displaying “zebra stripped gowns.” Are they gowns stripped from zebras or gowns stripped by zebras? I understand correct spelling has come under scrutiny on this blog.

Please see above: ‘children may may experience’

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

I fixed it, Bill. Thanks. That’s what I get for using the original photo caption without checking it.

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive

I think I’ll try this on my beagle. Look! A miniature zebra!

Posted by CAM | Report as abusive

you’ll find any excuse to post a random photo of a model

Posted by Name | Report as abusive

Maybe, but those random photos are very carefully selected.

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive

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