I want me some o’ what they’re selling!

October 15, 2009

Blog Guy, I represent the creative team of a big advertising agency, and we want to buy a photo for an ad campaign.

We need a poor-quality black-and-white photo of a guy standing in front of some pegboard. Preferably, he should be a suspected war criminal.

Money is no object if the photo is bad enough. We noticed you have a headshot of one of the four most wanted suspects from Rwanda’s 1994 genocide.

Sorry Ad Man, but read the fine print in the caption below: “NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS!” You think that doesn’t apply to you?

I’m sorry to hear that. What about shots of balding older guys pointing at each other and sharing a laugh? I know you’ve got some of those.

Boy, you just don’t learn, do you? No means no!

I GOTCHA! We don’t really want ANY of those, I just wanted to see what you’d say, since it’s beyond human comprehension what kind of ad campaign you think would want them.

Well, somebody must want them real bad, or else we wouldn’t use that dire warning.

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Undated U.S. State Department photo of Idelphonse Nizeyimana, one of the four most wanted suspects from Rwanda’s 1994 genocide, who was arrested October 5, 2009… REUTERS/ U.S. State Department/ Handout  FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS

IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn (L) shares a laugh with Egypt’s Finance Minister and Chairman of the IMFC Youssef Boutros-Ghali (C) and WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy (R) in Istanbul, October 5, 2009… WTO Director-General Lamy talks with IMF’s Managing Director Strauss-Kahn prior to IMFC meeting in Istanbul, October 4, 2009. REUTERS/ IMF Staff Photo/ Stephen Jaffe/Handout. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS…

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Yeah, I was so disappointed that I couldn’t use that picture of Jeffrey Dahmer in the ad for my cutlery company.

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I can think of a variety of ad campaigns derived from these photos, especially given my anti-spam word is Ikea. Such as: “If Idelphonse Nizeyimana wanted beds, he should have come to us instead of slaying umpteen families in Rwanda!”

Come to think of it, it’s probably best these pictures are not for sale. This will probably prevent a lot of bad taste going around the advertising world!!

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