If she’s pensive, it’s expensive…

October 21, 2009

Blog Guy, it’s me. That aspiring photojournalist you’ve been mentoring.

Like I needed to hear from you again. What now?

Well, I’m supposed to be shooting photos of great works of art, and I wondered if there are any tricks to making them look good. You know, special lighting, filters, shutter speeds, etc?

Sure. Pose a gorgeous woman next to the art.

Really? That’s the trick?

Of course. Look at this top photo. You can figure that Monet thing in the middle is worth a lot, because there’s a pensive-looking chick pondering it.

The two paintings next to it are probably crap, or they’d have chicks, too.

And this photo below, for instance. Who would bother looking at that Raphael if it didn’t have an attractive brunette there?

That’s amazing. So which do you think is worth more? The Monet, or the Raphael?

Cripes, do I need to tell you everything? The Monet is worth MUCH more, because you can see the chick’s legs, too.

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An auction house employee poses for photographers next to Claude Monet’s ‘Au Parc Monceau’ (C) at Christie’s auctioneers in London June 18, 2009.

An employee poses for photographers at the unveiling of Renaissance painter Raphael’s fresco ‘Head of a Muse’ at Christie’s auction house in London October 20, 2009.

REUTERS photos by Kieran Doherty

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naked check next to Mona Lisa = invaluable

Why ARE they pensive?

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Doesn’t art make everyone pensive?

Or maybe they’re just bored…

Bored is more like it…. sad, really…

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