Test drive the new Inferno!

October 28, 2009

Blog Guy, bring us up to speed on the Detroit automobile industry stuff. Remember, the government took over some carmakers and they were going to run the companies and stuff, but then I got really hammered and forgot to pay attention for a few months.

I believe the U.S. government version of the new Detroit models have just been unveiled in an elaborate Detroit ceremony. I saw pictures.

Awesome! And how did that go?

Not very well. Looks like the new cars exploded in balls of fire as they drove off the assembly line. Count on big recalls.

Wow, yeah, it’s gonna be tough to promote something like that as an optional feature. I guess…Hey, wait just a minute!

According to the photo captions, those explosions were staged for a movie in Detroit! They were intentional, not some new Washington screw-up!

Fair enough but they WERE in Detroit, so my accuracy rate has moved above zero, where it was stuck for a long time. I’m comin’ after the big news sites now, baby!

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A car blows up on the set of “Red Dawn” in Detroit, Michigan, October 19, 2009. Detroit, which has long faced economic collapse and neighborhood abandonment, woke up on Monday as the focal point for a remake of the 1984 action movie “Red Dawn” that took over several blocks in the center of the city. REUTERS/Rebecca Cook

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“Detroit, which has long faced economic collapse and neighborhood abandonment, ” really???

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Red Dawn: another great movie that didn’t need to be remade

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Actually, I thought the images represented the recent past of the American auto industry quite well…

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Is that Bernie Madoff driving?

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