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October 30, 2009

Color me embarrassed. We had a PRETTY BAD error on our file, and is our policy, we had to publicly correct it. It seems we reported that Bulgarian prosecutors are investigating a new gambling game in which drivers defy death by speeding through red lights for bets of up to $2,200.

In a game known as ‘Russian road roulette,’ the driver must jump red lights at busy intersections at high speed and not crash into any other cars or pedestrians.

Imagine doing something that stupid for $2,200!

Well, it soon became clear we had it all wrong. It turned out, drivers are playing this game for bets of up to $7,400, which is a lot different from doing it just for chump change like $2,200.

But as insane as this game still sounds, the most amazing part to me is that according to our story, ONLOOKERS bet on the outcome, too!

“Hey Lamar, look! They’re havin’ one of those Russian road roulette games right here! Think we should get the hell out of the way to save ourselves?”

“Not so fast, Clancy! I’ll bet you $200 that red Mustang misses that pedestrian in the Hawaiian shirt… Oops! Well, we didn’t shake on it, Clancy…”

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These are just random photos of Bulgarian traffic carnage, not connected to Russian Road Roulette.

Above: Drivers and members of the Bulgarian security service confer after the leading car of the motorcade of the visiting Maltese President Guido de Marco collided with a truck near the village of Mursalevo in a 2001 file photo. REUTERS

Below: A Bulgarian firefighter tries to extinguish a burning taxi whose propane gas tank had caught fire on a motorway in central Sofia in a 2005 file photo. REUTERS

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And here I thought, that the government employees were getting themselves some extra pocket money….

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This must be popular in southern Indiana too. If nothing else, lots of drivers on my way home play for free.

Posted by drewbie | Report as abusive

“I should have had the pint of Guinness.”

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

[…] on with today’s themeĀ of curious responses by onlookers who are present at a crime […]

Posted by Another reason not to smoke? | iSawNEWS.com | Report as abusive

[…] on with today’s themeĀ of curious responses by onlookers who are present at a crime […]

Posted by Another reason not to smoke? | jackson-miss.com | Report as abusive

Are you sure this is not about Texas? I mean, it could very well be!@Bill: *chuckle* *chuckle* *chuckle* Nice one!

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