Goodnight, sweet prince…

November 3, 2009

Blog Guy, recently your readers voted overwhelmingly that Prince Charles is the coolest world leader. In light of that, can you give us more news about him? Maybe something like that Queen for a Day thing you did on his mother?

I guess so. The problem is, Charles doesn’t seem to do much. We sent a camera out and what we got back was this combo, taken over a span from noon to 6 p.m., showing Charles trying to get comfy for a nap in his Royal Bed.

Wait, Blog Guy. You’re telling us Prince Charles, with his own palace, sleeps in a single bed with no blanket?

Yeah, those so-called “palaces” are really pretty small. They look impressive from the street, but they’re really more like studio apartments.

And he sleeps in his SUIT?

His choice. He says it’s easier than getting dressed and undressed every day. Tuesdays are different, of course.

Why are Tuesdays different?

On Tuesdays, Charles and Camilla get in the carriage and take his suit in for One-Hour Martinizing.

And what does he do for that hour?

He sits in the carriage, of course. What else would he do in his underwear?

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A combination of pictures shows Britain’s Prince Charles trying out a mattress at an organic mattress company in Ammanford in Dyfed, Wales, October 23, 2009. REUTERS/POOL/Arthur Edwards

Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall ride in a carriage after the official greeting of India’s President Pratibha Patil by Queen Elizabeth in Windsor, southern England, October 27, 2009. REUTERS/Toby Melville

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Some may scoff at One-Hour Martinizing. What’s the rush? Well, if you ever find yourself on a day-trip to, say Albany, and drink way too much tequila, and wind up soaked in the former contents of your stomach – you and your car-mates will be very grateful for while-u-wait dry cleaning.

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Charles wasn’t sure if Camilla asked for a picture of him in his suit or his suite, so he just got both at once. [What he didn’t realize is that she said “birthday suit”. And, no Robert, please don’t find that picture and post it here!]

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Bob, are you trying to say that Prince Charles, the coolest world leader, would sit in his underwear in a carriage with 2 other blokes looking down at him from a height? Not to mention a guy who wears plucked chicken… now, he could go to the Royal Ascot Races…

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You just got to admit the man is elegance impersonated!!! I mean, who else could look cool riding a horse carriage, with his wife wearing a violet pot for a hat, while looking at some overweight Canadian mounty across from him?

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[…] the whole story here: Robert Basler aggregated by […]

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…After a long day of shooting, the Playgirl photographer was at a loss. It was going to take a LOT of airbrushing to make these photos sexy…

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Top photos:
It looks like this poor guy has never relaxed a day in his life, as if he has some schmuck resting for him. “Look Camilla, do you think this is how the commoners sleep?”

Bottom photo: “No one told me it was wacky hat day.”

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