The pipes, the pipes are calling…

November 3, 2009

Gather around, fashion show staff, I’ve found a new way to cut costs for the big show. It may be even better than our earlier measures, like using dead models, hiring dog groomers as stylists and raccoons to do makeup

Now keep an open mind. You all remember that tragedy last year when they held a fashion show in a steam pipe factory, and there was an explosion, and the models ended up with big sections of pipe through their heads?

Well, those plucky gals want to return to modeling, but… How shall I put this? They’re not quite as attractive as models who DON’T have plumbing materials piercing their skulls.

These chicks will work for free, just to get back on the runway, so if we can just design outfits around them we’ll save a fortune!

Lonnie, check into getting the dressing room doors widened a bit for us, okay? Let’s give these poor girls another chance!

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Models present creations by Kazakhstan’s Kenje design house during Kazakhstan Fashion Week in Almaty, October 30, 2009. REUTERS/Shamil Zhumatov

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the girl in the 1st pic looks lost… the rest of them look pure evil…. Medusa’s maids!!!

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Robert, is this an assembly puzzle? I wonder what would come out if you joined the pipes…

On second thought, it might be closely related to what the second cheetah was doing in the previous post… I think I’d rather not know, thank you very much.

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Once again reminding me I can’t get my pipes cleaned out.

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Kazakhstan – right next to Durka-Durkastan, the fashion capital of South-Central Asia.

If I wasn’t on medication, I would be after I tried to explain this Blog to anybody.

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Social comments and analytics for this post…

This post was mentioned on Twitter by rbasler: Is that a pipe in your head, or ya just glad to see me?…

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As a child I watched a film entitled “Taboos of the World.” It was so disturbing that I could not sleep for a week and I will never forget the images caught on that film.

That movie was not as disturbing as this blog has been this week.

Hey, it’s only Tuesday.

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Hey, Bill. Tuesdays are kind of a special day as you’ll see in my next posting, which should show up in 45 minutes…

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A clever use of pool noodles. What new uses for common household items will the fashionistas come up with next? Blog Guy is on it.

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Dave, miss ya next dose… and then please explain this jigsaw puzzle…. everyone else will make sure they dont take their medication…

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Tubing, or not tubing…

Posted by some guy who ain’t Shakespeare | Report as abusive