A whole dashboard full of stupid!

November 10, 2009

When people have to be told not to do something that is obviously extremely stupid – like texting while driving, for instance – it’s a definite sign of the approaching Apocalypse.

And when you even have to make LAWS against the really stupid stuff, like banning folks from watching TV while they drive, that’s an even more threatening sign.

But when a court overturns one of those laws, and says the thing is actually legal no matter HOW stupid it is, well, bring in the patio furniture, Betsy, the Apocalypse is here!

That’s what happened in South Korea, where a court has ruled that watching TV while you’re driving IS legal.

This would be insane anywhere, but South Korea?

All you have to do is be watching an “I Love Lucy” rerun on your dashboard TV, and miss that big sign that says, “Last exit before North Korea,” and before you know it, you’re out of gas in the Axis of Evil.

And then you’ve REALLY got some ‘splainin’ to do!

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Top: Reuters video screen grab

Bottom: “I Love Lucy” screen grab

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So now they will vote on a constitutional amendment making watching TV while driving illegal.

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I would never watch TV while driving.

I’d be too distracted by it to look at my friends’ new facebook status and photos.

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“But officer, I was just watching the Indy 500 – I couldn’t possibly have been speeding!”

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