A balloon shaped like a WHAT?

November 17, 2009

Blog Guy, you must be familiar with the works of the prophetic writer Nostradamus. What was the three-word phrase which he predicted would trigger the end of life as we know it?

You know very well what the phrase is.

Yeah, but I want to see it in your blog.

Fine. It’s “turd-shaped balloon.” Are you happy?

The only reason I’m willing to use it is that it showed up in a photo caption this week, so the cosmic chain of events has now begun. We are told in this actual caption that folks in a protest march are carrying a “turd-shaped balloon.”

Where on earth do you even go to BUY such a thing?

I suppose Turd-Shaped Balloons R Us.

“So this is the best turd-shaped balloon you sell, Mr. Johnson? Gosh, it looks more like one of those swirly chocolate cones from a frozen yogurt chain.

“I don’t mean to seem critical, I’m just not sure it’s completely obvious what it is. Could you perhaps, you know… You won’t? Oh. Well, is there any way we could make the balloon stink?”

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Above: People carry a turd-shaped balloon during a march to protest against the lifting of a U.S. beef ban by the Taiwan government, in Taipei November 14, 2009. REUTERS/Nicky Loh

Below: Nostradamus portrait

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Reminded me of a scene from a Jim Carrey flick… cant remember the name of the movie though… ah well.. time for the meds…

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive

Godzilla came to call again…and instead of leaving a path of destruction in his wake, he left a present….

Posted by K | Report as abusive

“Oh look, Robert says it’s a swirly chocolate cone from a frozen yogurt chain” said my friend. “Read the whole blog, idiot – that’s one piece of chocolate that you don’t want to lick!” said me.

Posted by JavaJ | Report as abusive

Good one K!

This picture was taken at the intersection of Main and Turdy-turd street, right? :-)

Posted by CAM | Report as abusive

I’m curious as to what sort of diet will produce two Krispy-Kremes and a Hershey Kiss.

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

LOL….”main and turdy-turd”, classic!

Posted by DS | Report as abusive

looks like someone was playing ring-toss with the turd

Posted by Name | Report as abusive

You can rent this float for backyard bouncing at kid’s parties with scatological or coprophilic themes.

Posted by Jay Leites | Report as abusive

Coprophilic? Jay, I begged you to get help.

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive

Wow… Just wow.
Soooo, what exactly does a giant turd have to do with Taiwan importing US beef? does our beef produce gastrointestinal problems the likes of which the world has yet to see?

(Main and Turdy-Turd… nice :) )

Posted by Ozzy | Report as abusive

Hmmm… wonder how they inflated it.

Posted by Brent | Report as abusive

Ozzy, I do not really want to know the answer to your question… there just seems to be a hint of causality between the meat and the things depicted by the balloon!

And, Brent, what makes you think it was inflated? Are you sure…?

Sorry, med dose slippage moment… Nurse!!!!!!!

Posted by M | Report as abusive

M, you seem to be having too many of those moments… dont you have a timer or something to remind you to take your meds??

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive

Shra, my timer broke recently when I got angry with it for not logging me on the Internet to watch my favourite series…

Posted by M | Report as abusive

Uh… umm… Ok… Maybe… you need a male nurse.. lemme call him for you…. Nurse Basler!!!!!!

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive

You guys have TIMERS? Wow, that’s some pretty sophisticated gear. Me, I just have one of those boxes with compartments for morning and evening for each day of the week. If I’ve read the Blog already in the day it’s evening, and if I haven’t it’s morning. It’s the only way I know which ones to take.

Posted by Little Miss Random | Report as abusive

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Posted by Top 10 signs that the end is very near… | iSawNEWS.com | Report as abusive

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Posted by Leserscheiße Nr. 5 » Der Kackblog | Report as abusive