Want more potato chips, Marilyn?

December 1, 2009

Blog Guy, I have 53 seconds to squander on something really, really stupid. Can you help me out here?

I sure can, little buddy!  This is your lucky day! That’s EXACTLY the length of time it takes to watch our video clip of Marilyn Monroe apparently smoking marijuana 50 years ago!

You don’t understand, Blog Guy. This has to be something SO stupid that when I’m on my death bed, I’ll BEG to have those 53 seconds back! At least this clip is in color, right?

Yeah. The color yellow.

Is she naked?


Oh. Well I mean, surely it’s at least interesting to hear her talk between tokes, right?

It might have been, but this is silent footage.

Then I’ll pass.

I’m sorry, but our exchange has already taken up your 53 seconds. Your last words will now be, “BACK IN 2009 I SHOULD HAVE WATCHED MARILYN MONROE APPARENTLY SMOKING MARI…..”

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For years, access to the images of Marilyn Monroe had been restricted by CMG, the licensing agent for MMLLC – Monroe’s estate.On March 17, 2008, United States District Court, Central District of California held that CMG and MMLLC do not own the Rights of Publicity for Marilyn Monroe.September 2, 2008, in a separate but related case involving The Sam Shaw Family, confirmed the California ruling-Marilyn Monroe’s estate cannot claim post-mortem publicity rights because she died before the enactment of the statute that created them in California.The fees and royalties paid by businesses, galleries, and commercials to CMG for the last 20 years is in the tens of millions.

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Apparently the most used headline for this video is:’Some like it pot’.

Posted by Little Miss Random | Report as abusive

LMR!! I just saw that movie .. i mean, “Some Like It Hot”.. and I can truly understand why men were crazy about her… though I must say, I liked her shoes.. :)

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