It’s tough in the slammer…

December 2, 2009

Blog Guy, you wrote about the Swiss chalet where director Roman Polanski may stay under house arrest while he fights extradition over a case of unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl. The farmer in the driveway was a nice touch, but…

What else did you want to see?

It’s in Gstaad, in the Swiss Alps! Could we please see how the chalet looks with a dusting of snow?

There you go, a fresh snow shot. Storybook-like, huh? It brings to mind the classic story of “Heidi,” about a young girl in the Swiss Alps…


Oh get a grip, I just meant the scenery!

Can we see the chalet at night? And can snow plows get to it?

Yep, here you go. Polanski chalet photos for all occasions…

That’s stunning! I may visit Gstaad myself. How do you pronounce that?

According to Wikipedia, it’s pronounced [kʃtaːd̥]. Good luck with that.

Oh. Maybe I should just go to Vermont, instead.

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The snow-covered chalet ‘Milky Way’, which according to Swiss newspapers, is where Oscar-winning film director Roman Polanski will stay, in the Swiss mountain resort of Gstaad, December 1, 2009.

REUTERS photos by Christian Hartmann

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Blog Guy, is the fence around the house to keep little girls from running away?

Posted by JavaJ | Report as abusive

It is not over yet, Polanski should not be above the Law – More on – Please Join & Please Spread, Thank you!

Posted by Dirk Dotzert | Report as abusive

My suggestions to some Swiss citizen to deal with this slime would involve the use of a K-31. You guys have to have some left around yet, right?

Posted by CommonSense02 | Report as abusive