Your choice, the dumbest stuff of the year…

December 22, 2009

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As years go, 2009 was a fairly moronic one.

top posts combo vertical 200Designer fashions got more bizarre, new gadgets got crazier, we had the White Hat Conspiracy to contend with, Madonna and her nutty car were everywhere…

And you, dear readers, voted with your eyeballs to choose the  top ten posts in this blog.

I mean, you didn’t actually SEND IN your eyeballs or anything like that, it’s just an expression we bloggers use.

Here, then, were your  very favorites

10. What’s wrong with this picture?

9. The worst outfit in the history of earth

8. Do you like my pasty-white legs?

7. Skimpy bikinis, lots to think about

6. From hightops to flipflops in seconds

5. These guys are special forces, huh?

4. We found him! He really exists!

3. Change at the White House, baby!

2. Maybe the worst idea ever

1. You call it fashion, I call it flashin’

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Posted by New Gadgets | Your choice, the dumbest stuff of the year… | Report as abusive

I especially loved the Pharoah man-panties dude. How can they walk down a runway in front of a crowd of people dressed like that and keep a straight face?

Posted by justK | Report as abusive

the model with the exposed breasts:

that model’s dress, hands down, would be a total bust

Posted by SkimpyDog | Report as abusive

I think the changing diapers one is fun…. And the Eyptian wannabe is too “in-your-face”….

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive

My vote goes for the time-countdown-bra thingy… it has got to be the most absurd, stupid, useless and ridiculous concoction ever conjured in a person’s head… that is the result of having too much time on their hands and more money than sense!!!

Sorry about that outburst; now I’ll go nicely to my little corner under the table and wait for my next meddie dose. I guess I ‘ll get Christmas seconds today!!! Yummy!

Posted by 1M1 | Report as abusive