Top 10 signs that the end is very near…

December 28, 2009

Regular readers of this blog know that we have taken on the heavy responsibility of pointing out signs of the coming Apocalypse.

PHILIPPINES/We do this as a public service. Why should you pre-pay for a vacation for a date when life as we know it will no longer exist?

Sadly, signs of the Apocalypse came fast and furious in 2009. You may not want to worry much about buying a three-year service contract on your new big-screen television. A one-year should do just fine.

Here is my list of the year’s top 10 most disturbing signs that we don’t have much time left. Indeed, one of them involved me personally, as a very respected travel magazine singled out my blog in an article on “Top Travel Websites of 2009.” Yes, the end is nigh for sure.

FASHION/10. Is that Officer Roy firing at us?

9. Run! It’s Senor Zorro the pig!

8. Apocalypse wow!

7. Apart from that, Mrs. Lincoln

6. A whole dashboard full of stupid

5. A balloon shaped like a WHAT?

4. How was you bypass burger, Lonnie? Lon? Lon?

3. You did WHAT in the overhead bin?

2. Have fun, will travel

But the number one sign of the Apocalypse in 2009 remains one I can’t even describe. Watch at your own risk.

1. And the final sign of the Apocalypse is…

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You know how pigs dressed as Zorro turn me on, right?


Posted by bmf_88 | Report as abusive

I have pig heads I’m saving for an occasion. Who knew that was weird ?!

Posted by CrowGirl | Report as abusive

Beautiful. I think I saw the gas mask chick a couple of weeks ago.

Not sure I like the new format BG, can’t see previous posts. Anybody else out there “hatin\'”?

Posted by Dave_not_dave | Report as abusive

Dave!!!!!!!!! You are back!! We thought BG had kept you in solitary confinement… !!
I like Piggy Zorro… though I likes Antonio better…
and Gassy…. well… i am going to stop making comments on fashion blogs… thats my new year’s resolution….

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive