Happy New Year from Nicole Kidman and me!

January 1, 2010

Wow, Blog Guy, another year down the toilet. And what a goofy year it was.

I’ll say!  I was talking about that with my blog staff at our holiday party, which as you can see was quite a glamorous affair…


What do all those people on your staff do anyway, Blog Guy?

Lots of stuff. They scour the world for odd pictures and video and stories for me. I mean, what did you think, that junk just comes to me on some machine?

BRITAIN/Well, no….

As a result of their great teamwork, in 2009 this blog got more page views than ANY OTHER Reuters blog! And we have dozens of popular blogs, written by some really smart people like Felix Salmon and James Pethokoukis.

Salmon? Pethokoukis? You just made up those names, right?

Maybe, but the part about me getting the most page views is true. And a Facebook Blog Network with more than 5,000 members, too.

Blog Guy, I don’t believe that’s your actual staff in this photo. I happen to recognize Nicole Kidman….

What, you know Nicky, my photo editor? Small world. I guess she has a life outside the office, too, and good for her! Happy New Year, gang! Be on time Monday morning…


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Top: Daniel Day-Lewis, Judi Dench, Nicole Kidman, director Rob Marshall, Penelope Cruz and Kate Hudson arrive for the world premiere of “Nine” in London, December 3, 2009. REUTERS/Kevin Coombs

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Happy new year, Blog guy!

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It’s a bright and shiny new year. Here’s wishing prosperity to all the Blog Guy fans out there, and of course, BG himself.

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A lovely sentiment, Dave, and the same to you and yours….

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Happy new year, Bob! As you can see, I survived the evening!

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Thanks, Unca. I don’t think of them as fans – more like just people who don’t know any better….

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As my Nanna used to say ‘Happy New Ears’ to everyone!

I’ve been locked up at the institution commonly known as ‘my parent’s house’ for the past week or so, with no connection to the universe. But today I have sneaked onto the computer and am catching up on the news.

It wasn’t me that tackled the Pope. Just so you know.

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Thank goodness Little Miss Random. We were looking forward to your mug shot.

Happy New Year to all, even KWest.

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“in 2009 this blog got more page views than ANY OTHER Reuters blog!” Ooh, THAT must make you popular… :)

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happy healthy new year with healthy happy people and lots of fun.. by the way why Nicole Kidman? James and Felix.. hmmm

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Bob!!!!!!!!!!! What’s wrong with this picture??????
Happy New Year, tho, Bobby! Muaaaaaaah! and to everyone else too!! Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
There, that does me… the 4th bottle of Russian Standard!!

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how tall is Ms.Kidman?

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Shra, it’s not very well known, but she’s 7’4″.

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It looks as if Kate Hudson is stealing pillows.

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Hmm…. she is quite tall… I like her shoes… I cant see Penelope’s and Judy’s shoes… and I think we have seen Kate’s outfit in another blog… I remember the shoes…

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