A fish called Luanda?

April 14, 2010

Blog Guy, don’t you have a vacation coming up? I guess as a top travel writer you must know all the best destinations.

Yeah, I had been thinking about Dublin or Edinburgh, but then I read a travel piece called Travel Postcard: 48 hours in Luanda, Angola, and it totally sold me on going there.

luanda boat 260Where will you stay? Are you going soon?

No, the article says getting a visa can take months, and  hotel rooms are scarce and very expensive.

That’s what credit cards are for, right?

No, it says I should take lots of cash, since credit cards are rarely accepted.

Apart from getting a visa are there any other special preparations?

It says to get a yellow fever shot, and to arrange for a driver since there are very few taxis.

ANGOLA/Are there any great places to eat there?

You bet. The article recommends Cais de Cuatro. Says it’s one of the most expensive restaurants in town. Great fish, but slow service. Then I’m going to Palos, to sample Luanda’s nightlife.

Nightlife! Your chance to raise the roof!

Well no, it says there isn’t a roof at Palos.

Jeez, Blog Guy, I’m kind of tired of Luanda already. Can we leave now?

Sure thing. The article says to allow four hours to get to the airport, on account of the mammoth traffic jams.

Well I’m not going to Luanda if it’s over-run with tourists.

Not to worry. The article also says, “hardly any tourists come here.” I can’t imagine why not.

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An Angolan fisherman sits by his boat against the backdrop of the capital Luanda, January 20, 2010.

Faded colonial architecture sits next to the headquarters of the Angolan state oil company Sonagol, in Luanda January 20, 2010.

REUTERS photos by Mike Hutchings

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Be that as it may, I think you should come to Turkey.. And what’s up with that visa thing anyway? It’s taking ages!! :_(

Posted by Caglar | Report as abusive

Maybe they’re checking out each individual name you’ve used in the past year…

Posted by rcbasler | Report as abusive

Well Dublin’s got one up on Luanda…we’re over-run with taxis!



Posted by egeria | Report as abusive

Let me make sure I understand, E. That’s the only difference you can spot between Dublin and Luanda?

Posted by rcbasler | Report as abusive

Hey now BG, don’t be diss’in the garden spots of the world. If you really want a vacation, c’mon over to the bustling metropolis of Kabul and I’ll show you the sights… Tourist sights, not Ak-47 sights. You’ll have a great time! Bring your flak and helmet.

Posted by Dave_not_dave | Report as abusive

Well, I’m sure the rain is also another difference: it rains a lot more in Luanda!

Posted by justM | Report as abusive

Hell loads of differences between Edinburgh and Luanda!!!
Dont even know where to start!!

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive

Ok ok, I will go ahead and make the obvious comment..

“I would stay away from Dublin and Edinburgh Mr. B. I have heard the locals there are pretty looney!”

I do think it is wrong to make a wildlife park out of virgins though. I mean really, it’s a valid life choice!

Posted by iflydaplanes | Report as abusive

Yes, it is very different from Edinburgh, because you defintely would not eat the fish if it was caught in the water anywhere near Edinburgh, and they only require a visa for tourists to leave, or ‘be parolled’ as they call it up there.

Posted by zeitgeist | Report as abusive

Does Luanda have a CASTLE in the middle of its city? Because if not, it’s nowhere near as good as Edinburgh. There’s a freaking CASTLE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CITY!

I wrote several postcards home from a Starbucks overlooking the castle in Edinburgh (give me a break – I’d been in Africa for three months sans coffee!) and each one of them said ‘THERE IS A FREAKING CASTLE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CITY’.

Of course, I come from Australia, where the oldest monument to man’s ability to construct defences to keep unwanted people out is ex-Prime Minister John Howard…

Posted by LMR | Report as abusive

Hey bg what’s up with all those sissy places like kabual Ireland. There is this fun yet challenging place to visit it has oceans mountains plains vista’s rivers if you want excitement there are shooting galleries if you want to take it up a knotch even a war. You can speak the lingo and have a foriegn language experience all at the same time….. just come on over to Texas Yall have fun now ya hear!!!

Posted by ochoo | Report as abusive

Texas! Ha! Everyone knows the REAL cowboys live in Wyoming! And that’s why I don’t live in either Texas or Wyoming.

Posted by josefski | Report as abusive

A decade or so ago the tourist board here used the slogan – “Wales, it’s the size of Texas if you flatten it out”. Yes, but then it would have no mountains… Hey ho.

Surely the main difference between Edinburgh and Luanda is that you get Edinburgh Rock and you don’t get Luanda Rock ? Mmm, slightly spicy pink sugar overload in stick form.

Posted by CrowGirl | Report as abusive

@jose guess that is why you hide out in montana ha ha ha
then again it may be dakota since your a lost cowboy lol

Posted by ochoo | Report as abusive

Hey hey hey! I wont have anyone dissing out on Edinburgh, you hear!
And that starbucks you speak of LMR, happens to be one of my favourite spots.. 😛

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive

What does this post suppose to mean? 😐

Posted by fwd079 | Report as abusive

Well if castle’s count then Dublin has a castle in the city centre.

And Baz, well…Dublin has me. If you call that an improvement. heehe!



Posted by egeria | Report as abusive

Props to our buddy Bob for the title…one of my favorite movies! And I’m pretty sure that just about every European city has its own castle! In fact, I’m also pretty sure that the castles in Europe outnumber the gas stations (in my experience, anyway).

Posted by sarabelle | Report as abusive

Nice new picture, BG. It scared me a little. Did you finally get some dental work done so you could show off your new pearly whites?

Posted by sarabelle | Report as abusive

Sarabelle, I am not sure I fully agree with you on that last comment. Somehow, I find Robert’s smile to be somewhat intimidating… a bit like a “Heeeeeere’s Johnny” type of smile!

And when it comes to castles, I’d rather with the South African type: cold, blonde, refreshing… nice!! http://www.castlelager.co.za/Default.asp x

Posted by justM | Report as abusive

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Posted by Un pesce chiamato Luanda? | Report as abusive

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