Work in Hell, get weekends off

June 7, 2010


Blog Guy, I want to enlist in the military, but I need to be sure I’m in the most bad-ass, macho, kick-butt outfit my country has to offer. So what should I ask for? Afghanistan? Iraq?

No, you should demand to join Hell Squad.

Join what?

You know, the famed Hell Squad! Our elite unit that makes forays into Hades. Perdition. The Inferno. Across the River Styx. Like where Satan lives. Here’s a picture of them in action, although it only shows the nicer part of Hell.

hell soldiers crop 260What do they go there for?

Different things. They do security work for Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew, look for a suitable apartment for Bernard Madoff when the time comes, stoke the flames around the Accordion Music Room, stuff like that.

Man, that photo really does look awesome!  At least that guy seems to have made it back safely from his mission, emerging from Hell balanced on that steel pipe.

Well, yes, except for the dude unhooking the chain holding the pipe…

This is the outfit for me! Do they get weekends off?

Sure. It’s still a government job.

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Servicemen of a special unit from the Interior Ministry take part in a test near the village of Volovshchina, 16 miles west of Minsk, June 1, 2010. Servicemen have to pass several tough tests before being awarded entry to the ministry’s elite “Red Beret” unit. REUTERS/Vasily Fedosenko

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Ah, yet another sort of soul man. Soul Man to Pole Man, all blog food for the Blog Father.

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

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dear me… 😐

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Blog Guy, where is everyone? There was a flyer stuck under my car’s windshield the other day concerning the end of the world. So hate to think that happened last night or there was an alien abduction and I am still here. Oh, look! There is a man crossing a pipe coming to my apt. Oh, nooooooo…

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“Feel the burn, join the Oddly Enough blog network!”

Onedoor, you didn’t happen to find any strange pod-like objects in your closet did you?

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ifly, refuse to look for any pods until I find a giant can of Raid!

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Weekends off you say, I could go for that. I love pomegranates.

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Kinda gives a whole new meaning to pole dancing doesn’t it?

Onedoor, kill ’em dead buddy.. kill ’em dead.

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Are all of Mr Fedosenko’s photos of fire ? Or just all the ones you use Blog Guy ?

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LOL! Guys pole dancing just shorted out a few of my brain cells. Will have to find the Acme brain transplant kit soon.

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Did you known that Sprio Agnew is actually an anagram for ‘grow a penis’?

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Amazing. I never knew that. Just another good reason to read this blog daily, people. Shra, are you available for a minute?

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Not until we have a whip-round for the bail money, Mr B.

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Zeitgist… hate to do this to ya…. but there…. zappppppp! Let that be a reminder when ever you feel like teaching something on the OE blog….

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