They nearly called it quits!

June 10, 2010

Hey Blog Guy? I saw an interesting Reuters story yesterday about people in London putting on period outfits and heading to the air raid shelters for evenings of Blitz nostalgia. You know the Blitz, when Hitler’s Luftwaffe bombers terrorized London.

ODD BRITAINIndeed I do. My father was in London during the Blitz.

Really! Where was he living?

The Ritz.

Was that nice?

No, in those days it was the pits.

Your dad was at the Ritz in the Blitz but it was the pits?

Yeah. They took some bad hits.

What a nightmare!

Yes. For months he had fits.

How did they even get through all that?

Living by their wits.

Were there ANY happy moments?

BRITAIN-PARTY/BLITZOnly one. To this day, Dad remembers going to a USO dance and meeting a raven-haired beauty. She had gorgeous…

Blog Guy! Stop! You can’t use language like that here!

Huh? She had gorgeous eyes.

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Left: An undated handout photograph, released November 24, 2004, shows Animal Rescue Squad Superintendent Bill Barnet with his search and rescue dog Beauty, who was awarded the PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals) Dickin Medal – the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross – for her work locating people and pets in the rubble of the Blitz in London during the Second World War.

Right: Guests dance at Blitz Party in east London, June 6, 2009. REUTERS/Nick Cunard/Handout

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My Dad was also with the Brits during the Blitz. He lived with the Schmidts and worked serving writs. He missed home, though, especially grits. I must say, BG, this is one of my favorite skits, even more than the one about kits.

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There once was a man with a blog,
Who walked out one day in the fog,
He tripped up a lass,
Reached out for her…
For he is a man who has class.

Google needs to quit feeding their staff so many donuts, or at least cut down on the sprinkles. Removed the darn wallpaper once, and now it is back, refusing to go away!

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Awee very sweet dog :)

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“Sunshine and fresh air are overrated. Join the Oddly Enough blog network!”

With all due respect to Mr. Barnet and the honor bestowed upon him for his achievements, but perhaps P.O.S. means something different than what I am used to. Or perhaps he is expressing his opinion of the war.

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That dog is too cute!!

Say, I had my very first OE dream last night. It was weird…obviously! And my cat was in the dream too!



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PDSA Ifly ! They’re an amimal charity who help people with vet bills and get publicity by publishing stories about homing pigeons that saved the lives of hundreds of someone or other.

They look out for little kits. And their dogs have jackets but no mitts. I bet when that dog is told to though; he sits.

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@ifly – Point of Service? At least, that’s what it stood for when I worked at Kmart…

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I knew I should not have clicked on this story, but I bit.

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I’m guessing eyes of brown? Beautiful.

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ohhhh! My head!!! I try to stop myself from sending this info to my brain… but it keeps passing through… and then… and then… and then… my brain splits!
And I wear a paw badge which I bought from a PDSA shop… and I really like it… :)
Ok.. time for my coffee kick….

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Do yourself a favor and take a week off from OE. One should never dream about such madness. It is a sure sign you have MAJOR issues developing.

Unless, of course, the dream involved also involved clowns, and pygmy horses. That might be considered normal….

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Not_Dave, if I took a week off I think Baz wouldn’t be able to cope. He frets over his flock you know!

As for my ‘issues’…well, it’s a bit late. I’m already mad! Mad I tell you! Maaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!



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And then call you in the morning Spinster?!

Ok. I will take a medi-doughnut and then another one and maybe just maybe I might start to think this has been a good day after all!!



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And leprosy.

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The guy with leprosy would…. BG, you ok? 😛

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I’m great, thanks Shra. Just posted a new item for your amusement…

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Hope you made Lamar post it…. Missus wouldnt appreciate you working you know!

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