A Farewell to Arms?

August 10, 2010


Quick quiz: This sinewy, tattooed arm and enormous hand belong to…

angelina arm this 220a) The 2009 national arm-wrestling champion

b) Popeye

c) Julius Caesar’s personal calendar slave

d) Actress Angelina Jolie

Your time’s up. It’s Angelina Jolie’s actual arm.

No, Blog Guy! What are you saying! Angelina is every guy’s dream woman!

She’s the ideal! She’s perfect! She’s what actress Melanie Griffith used to be!

Oh, that reminds me, here’s Melanie’s arm, below on the right.

This is just horrible! My world is upside down. Nothing makes sense anymore!

melanie arm 240 thisSo you’re saying you wouldn’t want to go out on a date with Angelina?

I didn’t say that. Could she wear a long-sleeved blouse and mittens?

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Top: Actress Angelina Jolie poses during a news conference to promote her movie “Changeling” in Tokyo January 30, 2009. REUTERS/Michael Caronna

Left: Jolie waves to fans at the Japan premiere of her movie “Salt” in Tokyo, July 27, 2010. REUTERS/Issei Kato

Right: Actress Melanie Griffith poses after her arrival for the Starlite Charity Gala at the Hotel Villa Padierna in the southern Spanish town of Benahavis, near Marbella, August 7, 2010. REUTERS/Javier Barbancho

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A tattoo on my arm eh? No, thats not the place for my next tattoo.. whenever that is…
And that arm looks like its been broken and pieced back using strings…

Does Melanie Griffith’s tattoo say “Antonio”? Antonio who? Banderas?

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive

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Got to love names in tatoos, especially the big honkin’ tattoos after the couples split up.

I am sure thar Angelina would look lovely in a long sleeved top, accessorized with a vial of blood or something equally as distracting as you tried to eat dinner.

Am with you, Shra. No more ink for me, and none on my arms.

Posted by Onedoor | Report as abusive

Is that a cyborg Melanie Griffith with battle damage removable lower torso skin? Now with kung-fu grip!

Stick on “Antonio” heart tattoo sold seperately.

Posted by iflydaplanes | Report as abusive

[...] A Farewell to Arms? | Analysis & Opinion | [...]

Can one of the tags under the title be, “Things to make you puke?” Her face looks surprisingly good for being dead…I’m just saying…

Posted by sarabelle | Report as abusive

Will somebody please feed poor Angelina? Is she on a hunger strike or something?

Posted by BethyB | Report as abusive

Great big HI to Sarabelle! Missed you lots.

Posted by DoctorDoll | Report as abusive

After contemplating some of the responses to today’s OE, I now know the meaning of nuclear arms …

Posted by slick9 | Report as abusive

Yes, welcome back to Sarabelle, who fortunately for us was found not guilty.

Posted by rcbasler | Report as abusive

Thanks for clearing that Spin.. Oh, Melanie musta borrowed Antonia’s forearm to oull off that salute…

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive

Thanks Doc! Next time I need to reup my prescriptions, I know who to call :)

BG: I’ve learned to cry on the stand…it’s a skill I recommend every criminal learn. Learn to curl your hair in a cute way…this also helps.

Posted by sarabelle | Report as abusive

I wouldn’t exactly describe either Jolie or Griffith as sexual napalm. But that’s just me.

Posted by DoctorDoll | Report as abusive

Of course Angie’s lips are natural. They just suction off all the fat from the rest of her body, then inject it back into her lips. It’s no wonder that she’s looking a little anorexic these days…

Posted by AllThatJazz | Report as abusive

Angelina has a zaombie arm, at least Melanie looks like a human. Albeit with an unattractive tattoo.

Posted by CrowGirl | Report as abusive

Gosh Spin! Folks under house arrest or in therapy may spend some time on the blog. Or is it after they spend time on the blog they need therapy and possibly get arrested? Not to worry. Pass the donuts, please:)

Posted by Onedoor | Report as abusive

[...] Guy, I read your item on Angelina Jolie this week, and it made me wonder who the next “perfect” woman will [...]

[...] Guy, I read your item on Angelina Jolie this week, and it made me wonder who the next “perfect” woman will [...]

Spin, hope you made it to today without having to harm anyone, oh, um, just dandy. As I can’t get my hands on Shra’s brownies, extra large frosted donuts with plenty of sprinkles for all!

Posted by Onedoor | Report as abusive

Fresh from the kitchen to your desk!

Posted by Onedoor | Report as abusive

Too right unca. That’s definitely veinage rather than sinew.

It’s strange how few people are impressed by the comment, ‘What lovely veins you have.’ Ah well, you can’t win them all.

Posted by knit_nurse | Report as abusive

I donate blood and plasma at the Red Cross. The phlebotomists often tell me I have great veins, until the ice crystals clot the needle.

Posted by DoctorDoll | Report as abusive

Doc, you ever hear of Sub-Zero? You might want to look him up, could be a long lost relative.

Posted by iflydaplanes | Report as abusive

Oh no, you dont!!
Leave her, you ninconmpoop!Flibbertigibbet!!

(Thump thump thump! Whack whack! Dishuuuum!!)

Get off now, off you go you b**ger!
Dont let me ever see you around her ever again!
You hear me? YOU HEAR ME!!!!

Phew! You were so nearly done there, Spin!!!

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive

You would use your special OS powers of course, Spin!

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive