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August 25, 2010

missile travel 490

Blog Guy, I know you’re one of the biggest names in travel writing, and I have a question.

My family loves to travel overseas, but we hate the hassle of getting there. You know, 10-hour flights to Europe, and like 20 hours or more to Asia… Is anybody working on faster flights?

missile travel side 340Indeed. A travel agency called Going Ballistic is sending several people at a time on long-range trips via surface-to-air missiles.

How’s the food on these flights?

Food? You don’t seem to understand. These folks will be in Cleveland in four seconds.

That’s not much time for in-flight entertainment.

I guess I’m not explaining this right. These passengers will hold on for dear life, shrieking like a prom queen in a slasher movie, until they slam into an airport terminal at the speed of sound.

Boy, I’ll bet their overhead luggage REALLY shifts during flight, eh?

I give up. Yes, I bet it does.

So in this other photo on the left, I see there’s one guy standing directly in front of the missile. What’s up with him?

Oh, him? I think he’s going stand-by.

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Soldiers carry a surface-to-air missile named “Tien-Chien”, or “Sky Sword,” onto a launcher during a military exercise at an air force base in Chiayi, southern Taiwan, August 24, 2010. REUTERS/Nicky Loh

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I would make a comment in reference to where that missle is pointed in the second pic but, while the spam basket might be in a good mood today, I don’t think it’s in that good of a mood.

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Chinese soldiers can be short too…

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive

Ofcourse I meant, Taiwanese by that…

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive

Everybody knows the little guy in the middle is just pretending to help…

Posted by justK | Report as abusive

I’m thinking they are Taiwan’s National Rhythmic Gymnastics team… and they are practicing for the next competition. I bet they blow everyone else out of the water.

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Ladies and gentlemen, a welcome return engagement by veteran commenter justK! You’ve been a great audience, and K will be here all week….

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I think they’re doing the Electric SAM Slide.

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You put your left foot in
You take the missile out
You put your left foot in
And move the missile all about
You do the hokie-tokie, put the missile on it’s pad
That’s when you run like mad

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Brilliantly played, Bob…stroke my ego to get me to comment more often. You know me too well…and for that you must die!!!


Just kidding.

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She’s not kidding, readers. If something unfortunate happens to me involving wolverines or extra-large cans of cranberry jelly, please point the finger at justK.

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Spin… BG mentioned that JustK is a “she”… how can she be Hugh Jackman… no.. no.. no! Not done!!!
JustK, while BG does have a tendency to be zapped occasionally, I dont think we should do him any lasting harm. What say you?

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Sad photos :-(

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Nosmo, loooooooooooved the song!!!

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K, welcome back… see, dont do anything YET to BG… lets make that an OSU project… what say OSUers?

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@justK – I think if you look closely, you’ll see that the ‘little guy in the middle’ that’s just faking it? Is actually a girl.

Maybe she’s just practicing that whole ‘faking it’ thing.

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Spin, lets take this offline, shall we? Teheeeheeee!

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Oh boy, a secret OSU collaboration. Someone is going to have to start sleeping with one eye open.

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