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Let’s see..Three letters, begins with a G?


Blog Guy, where did that expression “Is the pope Catholic?” come from?

It’s interesting you should ask that. Judging from a survey released this week, it’s reasonable to wonder how many Americans know the answer.


Let’s just say if there’s a quiz to get into Heaven, it turns out you should copy your answers from a smart atheist.

Blog Guy, the main thing I  know about getting to Heaven is it helps to recommend your blog to a lot of folks. So what about this survey?

Try to remember the best of September…



If this blog didn’t scare you to death in September, nothing ever will.

OBAMA/Bad jobs, ugly shoes, zombie nuns and more signs the Apocalypse is just around the corner.

But worst of all was the news that to get to the cataclysm, we may have to fly practically standing upright.