We stayed in the Bridle Suite, and…

October 13, 2010

Hi Debbie, thanks for stopping by. Bill and I are looking at snapshots from our summer vacation out in horse country. We just got ’em back from the drugstore.

You still take film to the drugstore, Susie?

vaulting combo 490

Heck yes, Deb, those snapshots aren’t gonna develop themselves, are they?  Anyway, our family went  from place to place, horseback-riding every day. It was great!

Uh, Susie, wouldn’t it be more fun if you EACH had your own horse to ride, instead of all climbing on the same one?

EQUESTRIAN/Oh, you know how Bill is about money. He says it’s a lot cheaper if the whole family gets on one horse.

I didn’t even know riding stables would let you do that.

Well, there’s a trick to it. You pretend you’re interested in this real sport called “equestrian vaulting,” where they pile as many people as possible on a horse…

Oh, look at this one! This was when Bill dropped Lamar from a horse and he landed on his face! That reminds me, we should send him a card…

But Susie, what if you go on one of these vacations and you can’t find any vaulting places? Isn’t your whole trip ruined?

Heavens no, we get all our money back! Before we leave we always take out some of that No-Vault Insurance.

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The Brazilian vaulting team competes in the the World Vaulting Championship at the World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Kentucky, October 8, 2010.

The United States vaulting team competes in the World Vaulting Championship at the World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Kentucky, October 8, 2010.

The French vaulting team competes in the the World Vaulting Championship at the World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Kentucky, October 8, 2010.

REUTERS photos by John Sommers  II

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How exactly is this not animal abuse? I realize the people on the horses’ backs are thin, but 3 people, really?

Posted by MamaC326 | Report as abusive

I done been to Kentucky and find it hard to believe that the locals know what equestrian is – little alone have the ability to spell it.

Posted by mosanty | Report as abusive

Good luck with that one, mosanty. You’re on your own.

Posted by rcbasler | Report as abusive

What fetching ensembles. I sincerely hope none of the competitors suffered from stomach indisposition during the events.

Posted by I_dont_know_1 | Report as abusive

I love horses. Pony hugs and kisses….

Posted by DoctorDoll | Report as abusive

I don’t presently have horses, Unca. A horse will give you a hug by extending its head over you and then pressing down with its head, thus giving you a hug with its neck. Some will listen to you, and nuzzle and breathe on your hands while you talk to them. A few will adapt their mood to suit yours. I love my GSDs, but I do miss horses.

I often think about moving back to the farm and living the rest of my life in peace and quiet. You see the beauty in nature if you have it in your heart.

Posted by DoctorDoll | Report as abusive

We’d LOVE to have more of you try equestrian vaulting. Interestingly enough, it is statistically the safest of the equestrian sports, and tons of fun! BTW, the horses are MASSIVE (18 hands high) so that is how they can easily carry three vaulters at a time. But in those unitards, the athletes aren’t eating a lot of fast food and carbs, for sure! Check out the USA’s World Equestrian Games Gold Medal winning routine at http://www.usefnetwork.com/WEG2010/Vault ing/ or if you want to know more about the sport at the beginning level go to www.americanvaulting.org!

Posted by VaultingFan | Report as abusive

Quick, Shra – the Taser!

Posted by AllThatJazz | Report as abusive

Uhoh – apparently VaultingFan is unaware of our low-fact diet! Maybe they’ll be forgiven, as they’re new here??

Posted by BethyB | Report as abusive

Thanks for your concern, Bethy. They seem to mean well, and I believe Shra is in suspended animation for another week, so it’s probably okay.

Posted by rcbasler | Report as abusive

Thought the French team were punk crash test dummies!

@Unca: yeah, she is looking pretty intently at his back side. Maybe she gives him a little goose at the appropriate moment and he really launches the other woman. Yippi yi yo up up and awaaaaaaay!

Posted by Onedoor | Report as abusive

Is it a coincedence that a commenter specifically named VaultingFan conveniently found this blog based on equestrian vaulting and left a comment promoting it? Or is Mr. Spam Filter trying to make a few bucks on the side?

Posted by iflydaplanes | Report as abusive

Hey, Mr. Spam Filter has to make his Lexus payments the same as everybody else…

Posted by rcbasler | Report as abusive