All aboard for the Stupidville Express!

October 18, 2010



Blog Guy, do you have siblings?

I have a brother, Basil. He works overseas, as an exporter.

USA-OBAMA/Basil Basler? Is he good at exporting?

Are you kidding? Basil’s an export expert!

Does he have a good life?

For sure. He’s an expatriate! He’s an expat export expert and his company is expanding, sparing no expense!

Basil doesn’t feel exposed or exploited?

Exposed? Exploited? Hardly. Exporting is exploding!

Thanks for explaining. So he’s staying unless he’s expelled?

No, he’s returning home. His wife’s expecting.

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EXPENSIVE luxury boats are seen in Monte Carlo port during the Monaco Yacht show, September 22, 2010. REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

An EXPAT holds her Jack Russell Terrier during a victory rally for Barack Obama supporters in Rome,  November 8, 2008. REUTERS/Chris Helgren

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Warning: Reading this blog may lead to expansive expectorating.

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Examining the headline leads to dashed expectation. Never mistake ‘Stupid’ for ‘Stud’.



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Exquisite entries!

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Expensive exports expect extra extraordinary exquisite exceptions!

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So, how do you get more than one boat at a time out of that Marina?
And what would happen if some miscreant got a megaphone and yelled ‘Tsunami!’?

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I didn’t get this one :-/

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I didn’t either, fwd….

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