Handlebars are for weenies…

October 19, 2010


Blog Guy, as an avid fan of stupid sports, I loved your recent item on that Big Honking Barbell Catch. But tell us, what’s going on with Stupid Motorcycling?

MOTORCYCLING-PRIX/Good question. Of course it’s that time of year for Hands-Free Motorcycle Racing, a 150-mph thrill-fest that makes riders who actually grip their handlebars seem like total crybabies.

Hands-free racing? You don’t get to steer with your hands at all?

Nope, and you have to keep them in the air, to prove you’re not cheating. In some variations of this sport the motorcycles have no brakes, either.

Huh? No hands AND no brakes? Is that the most extreme version?

Not if you count the No-Hands, No-Brakes, Oil-Slick, Toddler-Crossing, Itchy-Scalp, Free-Fall Races, which are only legal in Arkansas.

Holy crap, that’s incredible! Do those amazing daredevils at least get to wave to their fans?

Just with the one finger….

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Top: Suter Moto2 rider Roberto Rolfo of Italy celebrates after winning the Malaysian Grand Prix in Sepang, October 10, 2010. REUTERS/Syamsul Bahri Muhammad

Left: Moriwaki Moto2 rider Toni Elias of Spain celebrates after becoming world champion at the Malaysian Grand Prix in Sepang, October 10, 2010. REUTERS/Bazuki Muhammad

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Yep, a couple of crash and burns and those handle bars will be perfect to roast the weenies. Maybe the mufflers could be used to warm the buns.

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Onedoor that was brilliant. I snickered. And you know what they say about snickers!



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I love bike racing car racing etc, wish I was a formula one driver

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@fwd079..well it might not be F1 but we could get a couple of Schwinns and have a go! :)

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Spin, you are multitalented!
Mr.B wanted me to zap you, but then there is nothing against smart people… 😀

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