Best of the month: our own Oktoberfest

November 1, 2010

october lehman 490

Traffic to this blog was up again last month, thanks to our combination of hard-hitting investigative reporting and news you can use to improve your own life.

october obama 300According to October statistics, readers loved our continued coverage of those Government Death Panels, as well as the fashion help we gave to that woman who wanted to make herself less attractive to men.

They appreciated our detailed report on a variety of opportunities for dumbasses, and our revelation of what really brought Lehman Brothers down.

On a personal note, I was thrilled to see they enjoyed my own gripping account of working for the White House in a crucial role, helping grease the way in the president’s relentless search for junk food.

If you missed any of it, it’s all right here. Remember, it probably wasn’t worth reading once, so why not read it again?

october fashion 220The 10 most popular items for October:

10. Stop staring at my assets!

9. Who gets more publicity than zombies?

8. Mr. Custer, a Death Panel wants to see us

7. Let’s see..Three letters, begins with a G?

6. Congratulations, you may now wake the bride

5. What’s this Kindle do? Must be short for kindling!

4. Topless model makes spectacle?

3. It’s lard work, but someone has to do it…

2. Do you have a flare for stupidity?

And the number one item for October…

1. A business engrave danger?

Top: Christie’s employees pose for a photograph with a Lehman Brothers sign at Christie’s in London, September 24, 2010. REUTERS/Andrew Winning

Right: U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama selects a vanilla pound cake from the display during his visit to the Blue Coffee Cafe in Durham, North Carolina, May 5, 2008. REUTERS/Jason Reed

Right: A model presents a creation by designer Nana Aganovich as part of her Spring/Summer 2011 women’s ready-to-wear fashion collection for fashion house Aganovich during Paris Fashion Week, September 28, 2010. REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol


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Life’s tough and this blog’s a blessing for dumbs like me 😀

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Second that, fwd…

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We would have withered and died, Spin… or maybe become real-life acquaintances of Hulga Fekrat…

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October was ‘cream’ month, as borne out by the photos.
Top – Lehman Brothers certainly creamed all their investors
Middle – President ‘does that come with cream?’ O’Bama snacks his way across America
Bottom – Dresses for bridesmaids who have been eating too much cream.

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I remember October for the beer and the women who wear shirts that are two sizes too small for their ample assets. Because I am just that superficial. And while it seems no Oktoberfest blogs made it to the top ten it’s ok, they shall live on in my memory.

Oh and I won’t forget Becky with her gleaming tooth. Mr. B. you never did hook me up with her number!

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With that amount of junk food, and to top it Michelle’s EvilEye… how do you think the President actually survives?

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