It’s me! The guy wishing you well!

November 11, 2010

Lamar, we need to talk. You seem to be gone a lot lately. You took that temp job as an archbishop

quaid well wishers 300That’s over, Boss. They don’t pay their archbishops as much as I expected.

And you had that little pre-election boondoggle to Delaware, to help you-know-who. Is that over now?

Yeah Boss, we differed on a key issue.

What issue?

Let’s just say she found out how I spend most of my time…

But then, Lamar, a couple of days ago you had to take the Odd Blog private plane to Vancouver. What was THAT all about?

Oh, you know Randy Quaid, that Hollywood actor who has sought asylum in Canada? He says he’s the victim of a criminal conspiracy by “star whackers” to take his wealth, and perhaps his life? Well I’m his well wisher.

PEOPLE-QUAID/Are you kidding me Lamar? I thought those “well wishers” were just made up. You flew 3,000 miles to wave at a guy who seems to think “star whackers” killed Heath Ledger?

Boss, when I think of the enjoyment Randy gave me in classics like “Kart Racer” and “Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones,” how can I let him down?

Sigh. You’re a good man, Lamar. I hope  you’re in my corner when the whackers come for me. But next time you take the corporate plane?

Yeah Boss?

Leave my private stock of Goldschläger and frozen White Castles alone.

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Left: U.S. actor Randy Quaid waves to well wishers as he departs Canada Immigration Court in Vancouver, British Columbia November 8, 2010. Quaid has applied for asylum in Canada. REUTERS/Andy Clark

Right: Brian Tsuji, lawyer for actor Randy Quaid and his wife Evi, holds up a note the couple wrote and read to media outside a Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board hearing in Vancouver, British Columbia October 22, 2010. REUTERS/Andy Clark

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Mmmmm, white castles. Why do I get hungry every time I read your blog, BG?

Posted by Jibberish | Report as abusive

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Is it just me or does Randy look bloated?

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive

Shra! He may believe in Star Whackers, but he still has feelings…

Posted by rcbasler | Report as abusive

Can you really request asylum in Canada? I mean, other than for Tim Hortons, why would you? Can’t the Star Whackers still find you in Canada?

@Spin, a haiku, please?

Posted by Dave_not_dave | Report as abusive

@Jibberish, wanna go halvesies on a sack of 50? :)

Ya know maybe “Star Whackers” doesn’t mean what people are thinking. Perhaps it means something having to do with what Christine O’Donnell thinks is inappropriate behavior. Makes ya think why Lamar really traveled 3000 miles huh?

Posted by iflydaplanes | Report as abusive

@ifly, I’ll go in on that. Can we also split a baker’s dozen dozen Krispy Kreme hot now doughnuts?

Oh wait, I think we’re supposed to be loyal to the Goofy Face Museum and Doughnut Shoppe! :)

Posted by Jibberish | Report as abusive

Of course he has feeling, BG… thats why he is scaredy of the Star Whackers… fear is a feeling you see…
As for the doughnuts.. boy, you guys are making me sooooooo hungry!

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive

I heard Harrison Ford is a star whacker. Wasn’t there talk about him and Julia Roberts? I can’t think of the reliable source I got that from, but I KNOW it’s fact!

Also, totally unrelated – Happy Veterans’ Day to all those who read/write this blog!

Posted by sarabelle | Report as abusive

@uncarastus: You’re right about Canada. This is an excellent place to hide from Hollywood. I’ve been going out, undisguised, in broad daylight for years and they ain’t found me yet.

Posted by ladylala | Report as abusive

Mmm, goldschlager…

Posted by CrowGirl | Report as abusive

Not just goldschlager, Crow. goldschlager and white castles…

Posted by rcbasler | Report as abusive

I know not of these white castles. I’ll look them up.

Posted by CrowGirl | Report as abusive

They are wonderful small hamburgers. several decades ago when I ate them as a child, they were 12 cents each, but they’re probably up to 13 cents by now.

Posted by rcbasler | Report as abusive

@Jibberish, it’s a deal! I am loyal to the GFM&DS but Mr. B. knows sometimes nothing beats Krispy Kremes!

@CrowGirl, there are a few rules that must be followed when consuming White Castle though. Can’t list them here cause of the taser and also Mr. Spam Filter. Trust me though, the rules need to be followed.

Posted by iflydaplanes | Report as abusive

Poor old Randy Quaid. What’s he going to do now? I mean what kind of job can you get when you are getting on in life, and all you can do is write down bizzare made-up stuff,and have a following of almost equally unbalanced people… hmm.
Got it! He could work for the OE blog!
Lamar had better watch out.

Posted by Nosmo_King | Report as abusive

Nice one, Nosmo. Oh, I saw where you were going with it pretty early, but still a nice one.

Posted by rcbasler | Report as abusive