Dogs and their Christmas decorations…

December 12, 2010


Blog Guy, please help settle a bet with my miniature golf instructor…

Wait a minute. Does this person help improve your miniature golf game, or is he just a short regular golf pro?

INDIA/Yes. Anyway, our question is, do dogs celebrate Christmas?

Of course. I’ll tell you something about dogs. If an event involves glad tidings of comfort and joy, and plenty of festive food, they’re going to be there for it. Look at this little dog’s obvious pride in his holiday decorations, which between us, are a bit over the top.

Ah, thanks. Also, how many Santas can ride on a motorcycle?

Do you mean in Honduras, or India?

India, of course.


Blog Guy, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say you’re in a giddy holiday mood this morning, and you’re just riffing on the first goofy Christmas photos you could find. Is that about right?

Lad, here’s a farthing. Fetch me a fine fat goose!

That’s what I was afraid of…

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A dog sits beside Christmas decorations displayed along a busy street in Manila, December 11, 2010. REUTERS/Cheryl Ravelo

People dressed as Santa Claus ride on a motorbike ahead of Christmas celebrations in the southern Indian city of Chennai, December 11, 2010. REUTERS/Babu

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Snoopy would share that dog’s love of over the top Christmas decorations!

Once had a dog decide to take a drink out of the Christmas tree holder. He then remembered he wasn’t supposed to do that, and lifted his head up before he backed away. Why yes, he did manage to get the string of lights around his head and pull the tree down. He was so embarrassed!

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Our lads are worse about Christmas than our son. They search the house for presents, lay by the tree beside their presents, and wake us up early on Christmas morning. But it’s the hounding with hints with catalogs and websites in November and early December that really gets on my nerves.

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I know what you mean, Doc. Don’t even get me started on the time our golden retriever found the Omaha Steaks Website and borrowed my credit card…

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OK Mr.B I’ll bite – how many Santas can you fit on a motorcycle in Honduras?

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Three. That was a trick question.

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Those motorbike-riding Santas are creepy!

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@Unca: Since you ask, MBEEP MBEEP yes.

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Are they real Road Runner stuff, Unca.. I dont believe ya!!! 😀

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Oh, the canned Road Runner is real! What Unca didn’t mention is that when you open the can, the Road Runner pops up his head, gives a Merry MBEEP MBEEP and then runs off. Once again leaving Wiley holding the (gift) bag.

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@vwgal, yeah they look like garden gnomes who had to get part time jobs cause garden gnoming wasn’t enough to pay the bills.

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The weather seems to be quite pleasant in Chennai this time of year, Spin! Or so I have been told! 😀

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I can provide accomodation… or rather I have friends who MIGHT be happy to accomodate a few loonies…

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Oh amd Mr.Pilot, you HAVE to get your motorbike.. I want a ride! 😀

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There are two jokes on this page that have almost brightened my day. Thanks people.

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Couldnt have been mine… mine just darken doorsteps…

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You’re not gonna be more specific, Crow?

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Not today.

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